Safewow share WOW Patch 7.2 New Features with wow gold hot sale

Safewow share WOW Patch 7.2 New Features with wow gold hot sale

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  1. Huge news, WOW fans! WOW Patch 7.2 goes live on PTR. The whole 7.2 patch will bring Tomb of Sargeras raid, flying and epic class mounts, new dungeon, new Artifact Traits and more. But in the first build, Blizzard will mainly test Demon Assalits, as well as general game stability.

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    The highlights in WOW Patch 7.2

    1. New raid zone, the Tomb of Sargeras, which contains 9 new bosses, Kil’jaeden as the final boss.

    2. New Dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night with 4 bosses. It has normal, heroic, and mythic+ difficulties, and players need to use the Aegis of Aggramar to open the way.

    3. Flying and epic class mounts. The second part of the Pathfinder achievement is added. Earning this achievement will reward you Broken Isles Flying account-wide. Besides, it is cool to fly over the Broken Isles on your own new epic class mount! Completing the Broken Shore campaign and maxing out your Legionfall reputation will reward you an epic class mount in WOW 7.2.

    4. Artifact updates. First, 15 new traits can be earned and unlocked via a new artifact campaign to upgrade and customize the character. Besides, new types of Relics are used to modifying two traits. Last but the foremost, players can also unlock a new appearance for their chosen spec weapon.

    In addition, WOW Patch 7.2 will introduce new faction, new World Quests and updates on dungeon.

    WOW Patch 7.2 PTR in the first build

    Currently, WOW 7.2 public test is underway. In the first build, most of major content isn’t enabled. Here is the list of content in this build:

    1. Demon Assaults, as well as general game stability;

    2. Pet Battle Dungeon, which requires only those who have at least one level 25 battle pet can take part in.

    Besides, an improvement to PvP gearing, tab targeting and transmog item sets is under development.

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