Safewow share the useful tips before WOW 7.1.5 Release with wow gold 10% off sale

Safewow share the useful tips before WOW 7.1.5 Release with wow gold 10% off sale

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  1. Blizzard is about to release WOW Patch 7.1.5! There will be many new content and changes to in 7.1.5, like the Nighthold raid, Legendary items changes and more. To fully enjoy all these new contents, what needs to be prepared?

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    1. Collect up World Quest Treasure Boxes

    In WOW Patch 7.1.5, there are many new WOW legendary items added in the Broken Isles, and you can also hunt Legendaries for every class. Currently it is certain that what you get from a certain box is unveiled only when you open it. It is very necessary to collect the treasure boxes, because Blizzard never denies that the old boxes obtained before 7.1.5 cannot drop legendaries.

    2. Defeat Xavius on Heroic difficulty

    Once Nighthold is released, this achievement will be out of print. Now, more and more Meeting Stones for Emerald Nightmare appear, and it should not be hard to defeat Xavius on Heroic difficulty.

    3. Stock up Obliterum

    In Patch 7.1.5, all crafted wow gear will be able to upgraded again, and then Obliterum will be very helpful for all players. From now on, you can stock up Obliterums so that you can level up your gear at the beginning.

    4. Collect up Timewarped Badges in Timewalking

    WOW 7.1.5 patch will brings the new Pandaria Timewalking event, with a new mount, new pets and new toys. All collectors should not miss them!

    5. Keep high ilvl equipment

    7.1.5 will cut down all secondary stat for all classes, and some base crits are nerfed. All those changes will make the primary attribute stand out. So it is wise for players to keep some high ilvl equipments before patch 7.1.5.

    The above all will be the top 5 things you should do before WOW Patch 7.1.5 is released. Of course, the upcoming update is full of changes, but the Burning Legion is still our ultimate goal. Buy WOW Gold US and arm up for Azeroth!

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