Safewow share wow gold $10 cash coupon and new wow 7.1 issues

Safewow share wow gold $10 cash coupon and new wow 7.1 issues

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  1. WOW Patch 7.1 hit the PTR earlier this week. Along with the major content updates for Suramar, Karazhan, and new items, there are some UI improvements, like changes in the flightpath map, “hide belt” option and marks for ilvl items.

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    1. Items with ilvl upgrades are marked with a small upwards arrow in the bag.

    2. There are two changes for the flightpath map.
    First, it now shows icons for quest objectives or NPCs, so you can easily see which flight will drop you off the closest. Currently it always shows how many World Quests are up in a zone on mouseover.
    Second, the connecting line on the flightpath map will disappear. Instead, you will see all of the flightpath nodes on the map. When you select a final destination, a line will appear, and it will remain even after you move your mouse. In the past, a bunch of lines connecting all the points together will pop up when you open up the map. Mousing over a node lights up the line, and moving the mouse away, it will be de-selected.

    3. Players can choose to transmog WOW items to be hidden in patch 7.1, including helms, shoulders, cloaks, and belts from the NPC, as well as boots via Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes.
    Honestly, it’s about time to release such an option. All the time, there are to many sets with no good matching belt. And also too many sets are with the WWE super sized belts. It is very necessary to launch an option the hide the belts.

    4. The icon window for creating macros has been greatly expanded.

    5. A new Quick Join option has been added in the Friends list.

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