Safewow wow gold on sale:PvP Brawl with No Gravity in wow Patch 7.2 PTR

Safewow wow gold on sale:PvP Brawl with No Gravity in wow Patch 7.2 PTR

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  1. Every Friday beginning February 3, Blizzard employees are heading to World if Warcraft Patch 7.2 PTR to partake in the new PvP features. They will be marked with a special guild tag to make it easier to find them. The first part is the Gravity Lapse PvP Brawl in Eye of the Storm map!

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    How to find out Blizzard employees in PvP Brawls?

    Several members of the World of Warcraft development, quality assurance, and community teams will be queuing for PvP Brawls between 3 PM and 5 PM Pacific every Friday, starting on February 3 and ending on February 17.

    Blizzard employees will be marked as either or by their guild. If you would like to fight alongside them or send then to the graveyard, you can log into the PTR and queue for a Brawl at that time!

    The Gravity Lapse PvP Brawl turns Eye of the Storm on its head

    Many new PvP Brawls are coming in World of Warcraft Patch 7.2, like Winter Arathi Basin and Southshore vs Tarren Mill etc. The latest one is the Gravity Lapse PvP Brawl in Eye of the Storm map.

    Eye of the Storm is a 15v15 battleground added in TBC. It is a mix of the mechanics of Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. Players try to hold as many towers as possible (4 total) and gain resources faster when they have more. In addition, a flag spawns in the center which players can bring to a friendly tower for more points. One faction who collects 1600 points will win! A conservative strategy is to hold two towers and dominate flag captures. The fastest way to win is to hold all four towers at once and gain many resources at once.

    Besides, it is worth to mention that you are periodically shot up into the air. Be far enough so that you can hop from base to base.

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