Self publishing books

Self publishing books

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  1. Self publishing and what is it?

    You’ve probably found this article as you’ve found it after hours of researching on how to publish your own books. But you’re also worried that you would have to do it as an online book such as a kindle book. Well there’s a few sites that do give an opportunity to do an Ebook or a good old fashioned paper back book!

    Firstly we need cover what self publishing is. Self publishing just means that you are publishing your own works by yourself using another company, like kindle or createspace. This is a good and legitimate way to earn some passive income from home. Not from scam sites such as those get rich quick schemes. This is an easy task once you know what you want to write about. So here’s a list of ongoing trends. 

    – Fashion

    – Food

    – Gardening

    – Music

    It’s advisable to avoid topics such as war, religion and politics to that as it could cause some upset among the public. Despite the book or story meaning no harm in it it’s advisable not to write on these particular topics. If you do it’s at your own risk in doing so. 

    Best companies to use without paying:


    The two best and easiest companies I’ve found to use for self publishing are: CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle. 

    But before you start publishing your books with a company you must fill in a tax form saying that you are accepting royalties. This is where the companies are good as they help sort that out for you. So no problem there. But there are some pros and cons to both companies. 


    CreateSpace is associated with Amazon but is it’s own company so to speak. But the only downside to this company is that it’s difficult to sell your books straight away. It however; is easier to move around the site. It also comes with it’s own cover creator. 

    It does come with a very responsive customer services team also. The Ebook version is also instantly published whereas the paper back versions can take longer to do. But the downside is that the cover creator is complex to move around on. 

    Amazon Kindle: (Also available on

    The benefits of this site is that the company is well known and popular for it’s Ebooks since the launching of the kindle company. It also has it’s own book cover and can get your book published even if it’s your first time in publishing. Like all companies like createspace you have to fill in  a tax form but again amazon kindle will help sort this out for you. 

    To publish on kindle through amazon just simply go onto their site and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the icon that says “Indepedently publish with us” 

    Amazon is also a very easy company to use and can sell your books for you. It’s also completely free to publish your books with them. Whereas; with createspace you have a free option and a paid for option. 

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