September Neverwinter news:Portobellos Campaign for Day of the Dungeon Master

September Neverwinter news:Portobellos Campaign for Day of the Dungeon Master

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  1. Neverwinter Portobello’s campaign is running at PS4 and XBOX ONE, which is an event in neverwinter that is part of the Day of the Dungeon Master. There are some things you need know about Portobello’s, you run two different quick maps and the end chest features a chance of a Green Slime, Pewter Golem and Adorable Pocket Pet. Additionally you acquire tokens for the event store that features unique buff food and bound versions of the companions and pocket pet.

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    Portobello takes place at a new map and runs for a full month. You will be tested as adventurer by four different trials: Beholder Tank Shop, The Burrow Dawn Inn, A Rock Falls and Trial of Traps. They will come as event queues and a new one will be unlocked every week. These trials are also quick completions and mostly grant the Adventuring Accreditation you need to progress through the campaign.

    There are four tasks in the campaign and just like the trials they are unlocked successively. In the first week you can only advance to the first task, second week second task etc.

    Week One: Trial of Traps

    Week Two: Artificers Workshop

    Week Three: A Rock Falls

    Week Four: Strange Things at the Burrow Dawn Inn

    Details about official Portobello’s Campaign in here. Next to some gimmicks and fashion you can grab Staldorf and an Apocalypse Dagger. The big reward of the whole thing is a Beholder Personal Tank. It can drop from the second trial that’s going to unlock in week two of the event.
    Tips with Dungeon Master

    1. Weekly cap is 100 out of 400 adventuring Accredituring each week. Once the weekly 100 is reached your given Unsolicited Advice

    2. Blank report cards can only be picked up once per weekly dungeon board for the campaign.

    3. Beholder Personal Tank will not drop till the Portobello’s “Artificer’s Workshop” dungeon board.

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