Skirt Suits

Skirt Suits

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  1. Alright so you’ve graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in finance.  While your mother is excited that you’ve picked a career field that’s dominated by men, you’ve got bigger areas of concern…mainly, the fashion sense (or lack there of) that usually accompanies a salary in the business industry.  Being taken seriously in this world of moguls doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your inept sense of style.  Today, we’re going to talk about a very underrated fashion piece that most women under the age of 35 try to avoid like the plague…the skirt suit.

    Trumped only by the dreaded pants suit, the skirt suit gets a bad wrap. Let’s explore the options to turn this seemingly fashion faux pas into a statement that will allow you to be professionally fashionable in any work environment.

     One of my favorite spots for skirt suits on sale and all business attire for that matter is Ann Taylor’s Loft.  With dozens of skirt suit options (and plenty of dresses appropriate for work and drinks after!), the Loft is always a great place to check out.  If you hit the sales right, you can definitely find a fun and affordable skirt suit that will allow you to show off those legs while still keeping your dignity as a working professional in tact. Another great spot for dress suits is New York & Company.  Like the Loft, you’ll find great professional options here without compromising style.  Make sure to sign up for email alerts for both stores, they have great coupons and also big sales. (As in 40% off your ENTIRE purchase big!)  If your budget stretches further than the Loft or New York & Company, another great place for skirt suits is White House Black Market.  White House Black Market takes fashion straight from the run-ways and into your office.  While they can be a little on the pricey side, the quality and styles you’ll receive is worth every penny.

    Some skirt suits you should try to avoid for the sake of fashion are ones that go past the knee.  Now, that doesn’t mean you should be wearing thigh-high mini skirt suits, instead look for some middle ground.  Also, remember to think outside the box with skirt suits.  The jacket and the skirt don’t have to be the same fabric.  Try looking for a skirt suit with a fun patterned jacket with a solid colored skirt. Another way to spice up a solid skirt suit is with some brightly colored stilettos.  Even if you work in an office where black and greys dominate, you can always get away with a pair of pink or red heels.  Not only will you keep up with the latest fashion, but you’ll feel confident in any situation. 

    When it comes to skirt suits, use your judgment on the length and how flashy you’d like to go depending on your work environment.  If you have a high profile meeting with the CFO of your company who is pushing sixty, then you might want to play it safe.  But on the other hand, if you’re looking meeting with a new and fresh prospective client, your sense of style can exude a sense of confidence and control that will lead you down the path to success.  Never underestimate the power of a well though-out wardrobe.

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