Some Guy Who Kills People – Better Than Your Average B Movie

Some Guy Who Kills People – Better Than Your Average B Movie

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  1. B movies are usually fun to watch because of how bad they are.  The acting, the premise, the special effects… everything is bad.  Sometimes, though, you come across a b movie that is actually good.  That is the case with Some Guy Who Kills People.  The title drew me in and I was pleasantly surprised with this film starring Kevin Corrigan – a guy you will recognize but not know his name because he has played small roles in a number of films you have probably seen.  His credits include Seven Psychopaths, The Dictator, Pineapple Express, American Gangster, Superbad, The Departed… and many, many others.

    What is it about?

    This film follows Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan) who is fresh out of the "looney bin."  What sent him there slowly gets revealed throughout the film, but we know from the start that it has to do with him getting tortured at the hands of some guys his age and that it has to do with a comic book.  Now, free from the looney bin, he works at an ice cream place with his friend Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick) who also got him the job.

    Things start getting dark when seemingly random local businessmen start getting murdered.  What’s even crazier is that their bodies get displayed in strange ways that clearly send a message.  What’s that message?  What’s the connection?  It’s up to Sheriff Fuller (Barry Bostwick) to figure out.  Well, it’s pretty obvious (to the audience, not the sheriff) that Ken is the one killing these guys.  They are the ones that beat him up back in the day and sent him to the looney bin so maybe they deserve it?

    Things get complicated when Ken’s estranged, talkative daughter shows up wanting to reconnect.  Ken has to balance his blooodlust, his attempts to be a good father, his new girlfriend (Lucy Davis), and his caring-in-her-own-way mother… all while trying to avoid the sheriff (who happens to be sleeping with Ken’s mother).  

    Is it any good?

    It’s not going to win any Academy Awards or anything but it combines horror and comedy in a relatively fresh way and throws in a good twist at the end for good measure.  The twist is beliveable except for one scene that never gets explained.  When the film goes back to show what actually happened (as opposed to what you think happened), it skips a key scene that would be rather hard to explain away.

    The acting is also surprisingly good in it.  Kevin Corrigan is quite good, making me think that he may be a bit underrated.  Yea, he has been in a lot of things, but he hasn’t had many lead roles.  He excels in this lead role, though, as the mysterious loner that is forced out of his shell.  He’s forced out of his shell by the outgoing, talkative daughter he hasn’t seen in 11 years played wonderfully (and sometimes annoyingly) by Ariel Gade.  She’s young but brings a sweetness to the role and, more importantly, to her father’s life.  She lights up the screen and brings some attitude to boot!

    What really makes this film take off is Barry Bostwick as Sheriff Fuller.  He is hilarious and seems pretty stupid but actually does good police work.  He constantly confuses his partner, makes us laugh, and seems to always be eating.  He’s great.

    Nolan’s Grade:  A-

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