​Some Problems about Magnesium Manufacturer

​Some Problems about Magnesium Manufacturer

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  1. Every time talk about magnesium oxide, do you know about    www.magnesiumking.com/product-category/market/    magnesium oxide manufacturer? How do you know about the production status of it?

    Regardless of how much you know about magnesium oxide manufacturer, we can better acquainted with magnesium’s quality as long as we know some problems. For these requirements, the special magnesium oxide used in tire introduces some knowledge about it:
       1. Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal

    The magnesium oxide single crystal can widely used in mobile communication and other fields. It usually used as filter and PDP.
       2. Pharmaceuticals Industry

    The main foreign market is Japan and America. Their demand is far greater than the domestic. The main domestic market is Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. The dosage is about a thousand or so.
       3. Functional Ceramics

    The needs of function ceramics focus on piezoelectric ceramics. And the highest requirement for magnesium oxide’s purity is above 99.5%. There are a number of enterprises produce piezoelectric ceramics. The Alcan Aluminum, which is one of enterprises of the Fortune Top 500, also need high purity magnesium oxide.

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