1. Story is the bedrock of our fiction and has many layers to its craft, such as plot (the object or
    event that drives the story), character (the individual the story is about), and setting (whereand when the story takes place). It is the bedrock from which we all learn, writing actually comes
    second for those who prefer something commercial or escapist while story comes first. While this
    approach makes money, some academics and literary nuts bitch about its lack of artistic merit.

     Grammar is the focus on the way writers use letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs through
    vocabulary, structure, person, and tense. There are those who focus on this approach to convey
    stories with literary merit, character driven tales about a person’s life, or a sociopolical
    message. Yet often these approaches do not sell, and too much focus or reliance on grammar drive
    writers insane. Although many writers use grammar as a crutch to justify their own lack of
    financial success.

      A writer needs to focus on the nuts and bolts of story if he or she is to get anywhere in this
    business. Whether it be publishing a short story or novel, or screenwriting for film and
    television. While learning and improving grammar is important for the clarity of language, do not
    put too much stock in it as it will only put emphasis on the art of writing, instead of the business
    side of this craft we call writing. A craft that would not exist without money to pay the writers for their due diligence and hard work during the span of their careers..

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