​Suggestion to 2015 Halloween Party for free rs gold on RSorder

​Suggestion to 2015 Halloween Party for free rs gold on RSorder

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  1. RSorder: legit site to buy runescape 2007 gold pay by paypal without any confirmation.It is mid of the October, 2015 Halloween is coming up soon. Well it may not be the right time to share the Halloween idea since it is too short to let RS players know and maybe improve it. Instead of that, we would like to pitch an idea for a reward that the event will offer.

    Said reward would be similar to the lovers medallion, which would give off a similar cosmetic effect. In this instance however, it would be a jack-o-lantern with its face lit up, its eyes, nose, and mouth lit up as if there were a lit candle inside.

    It would do the same thing as the lovers medallion, but this one would have lit jack-o-lanterns instead of hearts, that are quite vibrant and easily be able to see its effect against any background throughout this amazing game.

    The last Halloween event rewards weren’t all that great to be honest. The past rewards for events have been great, I.E. the most recent christmas event, Valentine’s event, the cosmetic effect. So why not Halloween this year to offer something like this to show one’s Halloween spirit.

    Well for others, are you tired of having 7 or even 8 greegrees taking up your precious banspace? We need a new item to fix this, it is the Omni-greegree. After years of research, Zooknock has made a miraculous breakthrough and has discovered a way to combine all of the greegrees. This item would be functionally similar to the Omni-tiara of the Cramulet.

    After giving Zooknock your greegrees, he could magically combine them and hand back a Omni-greegree. This greegree would have the option to morph into your chosen monkey. A picture or title of the monkey would pop-up, and you could select the one you want to use. Similar to the tool-belt, if a greegree hasn’t been added, it will be grayed out and will not be highlighted.

    Combine all of the greegrees into one item, saving your bankspace. A small interface would let you switch to whatever monkey you want.

    Hope you like these two ideas. In the following days, months or years, have a nice trip in Runescape.

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