​Suggestions of Styles &Gear about New Look for Max in RS 3 with rs 07 gold

​Suggestions of Styles &Gear about New Look for Max in RS 3 with rs 07 gold

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  1. When it comes to new look for Max, players hold different point of view. Jagex is designing new look for Max. According to the feedback, Jagex has responded for players’ opinions about appearance and gear of Max. Meanwhile, some advice is reasonable which is supported by most players. Today, RSorder shares some specific suggestions of players about new look for Max.If you choose rsorder to buy oldschool runescape gold, then you have made the right choice.

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    What are favorite styles of players for Max’s new look?
    Some players feel the style of Max’s cape is too single, so they feel like increasing some new features for Max’s cape. Based on players’ feedback, RSorder summarized some advice of players about look for Max. The only way to make people happy would be if he had a big pool of equipment, and he equipped a new, randomized outfit every now and then. 
    Jagex thought about having him swap styles, but it increases maintenance cost to do so. They will investigate it, maybe if they upgrade him again to Raids armour. As there are very few people wandering round with Tier 2 armour, Jagex didn’t want to devalue those player’s achievement of getting a full set and flaunting it. Jagex would like to give these players a sense of flaunting which shows their unique.
    Honestly most players expect Max can sell max cape with various styles. Some players may worry about that max cape need much gold. It is the best choice to buy rs 3 gold on RSorder.

    What do players want Max to have gear with powerful functions in rs 3?
    Others people think Max’s gear need be changed except for his appearance. These players maintain Max represents one of the highest achievements possible in game so they think he should wear the highest level gear available. 
    The other part of people put forward a suggestion which Malevolent is the best choice for Max, because it’s supposed to be aggressive and threatening. What’s more, they think some Ports armor might be better or even the mazcab armor since both of these are high level armors that require high levels in multiple skills. 
    A player comes up with another advice he thinks it would also be neat to see Max train some different skills, like pickpocketing guards or attacking the training dummies north of the bank.

    Jagex are updating Max to use better gear, so players will look for them in near future. Meanwhile, they still pay close attention to the suggestions of players. New look of Max may attract you to buy max cape to yourself. When the moment comes you can buy cheap rs 3 gold with safe and fast delivery on RSorder.


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