1. God told us to shop at Super King. Actually, we first heard about this store from a flier we received in the mail, but I still think that God had a hand in it. At the time, we were closer to broke than I care to think back on, and saving every cent we could wasn’t just common sense, but crucial to our economic survival. Besides, who but God could afford to sell Foster Farms chickens for 59 cents/lb and Stolichnaya vodka (1.75 liter, no less) for only $18?

    Back when I was single, making plenty of money and living in the low-rent boonies of Humboldt County, I always shopped at Safeway, mainly because it was about the only supermarket available, but also because I didn’t ever bother looking at price tags. When hard times fell on us, the first thing we did was avoid Albertsons (owned by Skaggs Companies, who also owns Safeway) and Vons, the so called “low price leader,” a claim that makes me fall over in a fit of hysterics every time I see one of their TV ads. Don’t get me wrong: we like both Von’s and Albertsons supermarkets, both of which offer terrific sales prices on select items weekly. It’s the price of everything else in the stores that isn’t on sale that make us shudder when looking at price tags. These stores are both clean and efficient, and well staffed with plenty of friendly people. Maybe it’s the size of the staff that makes these stores charge such ridiculously high rates for almost everything.


    Super King is not as clean, the aisles are too narrow, the produce is not of as good quality and the place is always so crowded it makes Wal-Mart on Black Friday look like a secluded picnic ground. However, you won’t find better everyday prices anywhere. And some of the sales prices are bewildering. I mean, seriously, how can any store afford to sell filet mignon for only $3.99/lb.? Sure, you have to buy the whole tenderloin roast, but for that price, who wouldn’t? We find large shrimp on sale for half the price of other supermarkets, and did I mention the chickens for 59 cents/lb.? I did? Then never mind.

    Then there are the Super Saver days, which sometimes go beyond mind-boggling when it comes to savings. These take place every Wednesday (is it just me, or do you also think that the “D” in the name Wednesday is superfluous?) and Thursday, when the prices are so outrageously low that if you think about it too hard your head may explode.  


    The meat department is a zoo, but the butchers make short order out of long lines and it never takes too long. As I mentioned, the isles are too narrow considering there is always at least 10,000 people in the store at any given hour, but the people who are shopping are far more pleasant than the self-absorbed yuppies I have to contend with on the rare occasions that I shop in our local Trader Joe’s. Super King always has plenty of helpers on duty and the checkers are amazingly fast. Lines that would take half an hour to get through in other stores take no more than 10 minutes in Super King.

    The best part is that the workers—especially the managers and assistant managers—are extremely friendly and helpful. And if something is on sale and they run out, this is the only super market in which I’ve shopped where the employees not only let you know that you can get a rain check for the sale price (and it’s good for 2 weeks), but they’ll insist that you get one, and will even personally guide you to customer service to be sure you get it.


    There’s an excellent reason why Super King is always crowded, yet it’s the only market where I insist on going with my wife, and I’m never in a hurry to leave. Yes, even one who hates shopping may find themselves enjoying a visit to Super King.


    Store Hours :
    Mon-Sunday: 7AM to 9PM


    Anaheim (Store #1)

    10500 Magnolia Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 92804
    Tel : (714) 527-5809
    Fax : (714) 527-5784
    Los Angeles (Store #2)
    2716 N. San Fernando Rd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90065
    Tel : (323) 225-0044
    Fax : (323) 222-2219

    Altadena (Store #3)

    2260 N. Lincoln Ave.
    Altadena, CA 91001
    Tel : (626) 296-9311
    Fax : (626) 296-9317

    Claremont (Store #4)

    436 Auto Center Drive
    Claremont, CA 91711
    Tel : (909) 267-7252
    Fax : (909) 267-7257

    Northridge (Store #5)

    19500 Plummer St
    Northridge, CA 91324

    Tel : (818) 350-5970
    Fax : (818) 350-5969


    Van Nuys (Store #6)
    7227 Van Nuys Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91405
    Tel : (818) 464-4322
    Fax : (818) 464-4323

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