Swtor Class Changes Incoming with swtor2credits swtor credits 60% off sale on Nov.11

Swtor Class Changes Incoming with swtor2credits swtor credits 60% off sale on Nov.11

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  1. Last week, Bioware spent time in Repeatable Chapters, Challenge Mode and Veteran Difficulty. As scheduled, their focus will be on swtor class changes in Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. Each class is undergoing a number of alterations to bring new abilities, utilities and more to coincide with the five additional levels in KOTET.

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    Posts for swtor class changes are live!

    Changes for each class will be brought into both the base class and the advanced class. Posts for all the changes are live:
    Agent / Smuggler;
    Bounty Hunter / Trooper;
    Inquisitor / Consular;
    Warrior / Knight.

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    Star Wars the Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Throne will release on December 2, along with KOTET class changes. By the way, it is worth to mention that the upcoming Swtor Double XP will start on November 28.
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