Swtor Galactic Command Livestream Unveiled Command Rank with free swtor credits giveaway tomorrow

Swtor Galactic Command Livestream Unveiled Command Rank with free swtor credits giveaway tomorrow

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  1. Swtor Galactic Command overview livestream has been unveiled for all players. There is loads to look forward to, like the overview of Swtor Galactic Command, Dark vs Light Event close date, swtor KOTET recap, gearing changes in Eternal Throne and more. Read on for more details!

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    Dark vs Light Event

    The Dark vs Light event as well as Double XP will be ending on Tuesday, November 29, not December 2. And DvL companion selection ends on Nov 15. So far, light side is still winning. Take the last month to fight for your side!

    The Knights of the Eternal Throne Recap

    There will be five new levels in Knights of the Eternal Throne platform. You can start at KOTFE level 60 or with KOTET character token at Level 65.
    For abilities, there will be 1-2 new abilities per class and a bunch of new utilities.
    Besides , there are two new plants in Knights of the Eternal Throne. One is completely new to the Star Wars universe and another is new to SWTOR but not to Star Wars.
    The last is Uprisings and Galactic Command system we have introduced before, as well as subscriber promotions. More Uprising will be released after expansion in January.

    Command Rank & Command Crates

    There is a cap to command rank. When you hit the cap, you continue to earn CXP and fill your bar so that you “level.” When you are at the cap, you will get a Command Crate but not level up. Just to clarify, you only need to hit level 70 to access GC, but not complete KOTET story.

    Gearing changes in Eternal Throne

    Priority Ops will no longer exist and Operations can be the daily bonus to award CXP. Further, current commendations will be going away. That means characters can get gear from flashpoint bosses, mission drops etc, except for Commendations. Besides, the drops will be random, and the item type is determined by your Advanced Class and the item rating is determined by your Command Rank. For more details about gearing changes, you can pay attention to our further updates.

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