Swtor Uprisings: Multiple Challenge Modes news and swtor credits halloween sale

Swtor Uprisings: Multiple Challenge Modes news and swtor credits halloween sale

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  1. Swtor Uprisings Overview Livestream unveiled that Uprising would be a faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures. As for 4 challenge modes, only story and veteran mode will come at launch, and master mode will come mid-late Nov. As the tougher challenges offer the higher level gear, three power-ups will give you a favor in the fight.

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    Distinguish Uprisings from Flashpoints and Operations

    Uprising is a brand new combat experience that will launch with the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion on Dec 2. It is totally different from the other contents:
    1. Uprisings are faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures.
    2. You must fight through multiple enemies at a time.
    3. The enemies spawn the Uprisings, questioning the very power of your Alliance.

    How will Uprisings work in KOTET?

    Before getting accessible to Uprisings, you must be a swtor subscriber and also reach level 70. You don’t need to finish story, but just hit the max level. If you meet those requirements, you can
    1. Click on the Uprising button in Galactic Command to queue.
    2. Choose from multiple challenge modes to customize your level of challenge in any Uprising.
    There are 3 challenge modes, including story mode for the easiest, veteran mode like Hardmode Lost Island, Master mode like Nightmare difficulty. Only story and veteran mode will come at launch, with 9 new chapters.Aand master mode will come in mid-late Nov.
    Story mode is not solo content, but multiplayer content. It will be like tactical mode in difficulty. Solo difficult content, Master Chapters, will come soon after Eternal Throne. Besides, there will a group difficult content, Master Uprisings, coming with Master Chapters.
    3. The tougher challenges will offer the higher level gear and weapons. So playing through a Veteran Uprising will award you more.

    Special power-ups to help aid you in your fight

    Power-ups will be scattered around the level, some hiding inside crates.
    1. Tempest Rocket Launcher can make enemies who are caught in the blaze stunned for 3 seconds.
    2. Thermal Devastator, the most powerful and feared explosive in the galaxy, emits an incendiary concussive wave that sets enemies ablaze.
    3. Combat Clarity makes you move faster, use your most powerful abilities with reckless abandon, and has no cooldowns.
    Currently, Uprisings are faction specific. But in the future there will be cross-faction groups for them. Additional group content plans to share in Jan of next year.

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