Swtor credits for sale:Cartel Market Pass Compensation with Space Mission Passes

Swtor credits for sale:Cartel Market Pass Compensation with Space Mission Passes

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  1. Few days ago, Bioware has announced that Cartel Market Passes will be removed from KOTET on Nov 29. Here is the detailed compensation for Cartel Market Pass, including Space Mission Passes. Meanwhile, there is still no any tiding about the new pass for preferred/F2P.

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    Cartel Market Passes present as of Nov 29 will got refunded

    As of Nov 29, each pass which is present on an account will get a 100% refund of Cartel Coins for the cost. Whether you directly purchased the pass from the Cartel Market or received it from another method such as the GTN, trade, etc. you will still receive the refunded Cartel Coins.
    Here are the Cartel Coin costs for each of the passes which are being removed:
    240 CC – Weekly Pass: Flashpoints
    240 CC – Weekly Pass: Operations
    240 CC – Weekly Pass: Space Missions
    240 CC – Weekly Pass: Warzones
    4,320 CC – 180-Day Pass: Starfighter
    720 CC – 30-Day Pass: Starfighter
    240 CC – 7-Day Pass: Starfighter

    No compensation for passes in Guild Banks

    Once Early Access launches on November 29, all passes will be removed entirely from the game and the Cartel Coins will be added to accounts. It is important that any passes which are in Guild Banks are removed before this happens. If a pass is in a Guild Bank, it will be deleted and no compensation will be provided.

    Should space mission passes be refunded for 240CC?

    Most of the compensations are reasonable and fair. But many people wonder why the space mission passes are getting refunded for 240 Cartel Coins. After all, they were dropping as low as 100k on the GTN on THE. Anyway, all Cartel Market Passes have become BoL. If you still keep those passes, it should the best time to make profits.

    No tidings about any new pass for preferred/F2P

    Bioware claimed last time that there would be a new pass for preferred/F2P to get access to Galactic Command and Uprisings. But there is no news about it in this update. Many players surmise that the only reason why they refund for the old passes are there will be no future passes or much more expensive passes.

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