Swtor credits for sale:Preview Uprising Gameplay & Tips to Get Set Bonus Gear in KOTET

Swtor credits for sale:Preview Uprising Gameplay & Tips to Get Set Bonus Gear in KOTET

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  1. The gameplay of the Hoth Uprising has been revealed, as well as new endgame armor. It highlights that commend crates will always drop gear, instead of a set bonus gear. Here is a tip for you to get a set bonus gear in KOTET.

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    General views for the gameplay of Uprising

    1. Veteran balanced for gear with augments. Lots of unavoidable damage and avoidable damage that can potentially one shot you. Scaled like difficult hardmode flashpoints.
    2. Balance for rating 240+ purple gear (i.e. balanced for people with rating 220/224s with current gear).
    3. Going to need a mix of mid and endgame gear. You won’t be able to walk into Veteran on day one and succeed.
    4. Goal is 15-30 minutes per uprising.
    5. Veteran mode has no extra mechanics, just more damage output/HP.
    6. No solo mode right now but you can do it with less than 4 players and have companions join you.
    7. There is a command point bonus for being in a full group for uprisings/operations etc.
    8. Uprisings should be one of the most efficient ways to get Command XP
    9. Currently you don’t get a token every time you run an operation. So you shouldn’t expect a set bonus gear to drop every command crate. You will still get one gear per crate, just that it may not have set bonus.
    10. Combat Training area on the Fleet has been converted to an area with Uprising Terminals and terms for heroic quests.
    11. Something new for Life Day. No details yet.

    Tips to get the set bonus gear from Command Crates

    As the update says, Command Crates always frop gear, but they don’t always drop set bonus gear. Here is a tip for you.
    Try and get your set bonus gear before KOTET expansion comes out if you don’t already have it. You can get the pvp set if you aren’t able to run operations for whatever reason. The expertise should be converted over to main stat at launch.
    When the Eternal Throne comes and the rng fiesta begins swap mods and enhancement from that gear into whatever shell you’re using for the current armouring. For example when I get my first bracer drop and it doesn’t have the set bonus on it, just rip the mod and slap it over my current one maintaining my full set bonus.

    KOTET is coming soon with Uprising! May the above tips are useful for you to get set bonus gear in the new expansion. Well, never forget to stock up cheap swtor credits instantly for the update!
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