Swtor2credits 2017 New Year gift:Double offer for swtor credits on sale

Swtor2credits 2017 New Year gift:Double offer for swtor credits on sale

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  1. In December 2011, over one million subscribers — including this author, who bought her very first gaming PC just to play — began to explore a galaxy far, far away in BioWare’s MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game is set almost 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies, and acts as a loose continuation to the popular Knights of the Old Republic games. In The Old Republic, you star in your own cinematic, story driven adventure;

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    You have allies and companions that join you in fighting against powerful adversaries and make light or dark side decisions, while the fate of the galaxy hangs on your choices. It’s addictive, super fun, and one of the most enthralling ways to immerse yourself in Star Wars. Any time an expansion is released, it’s a cause for celebration — and Knights of the Eternal Throne, the latest digital expansion, coming December 2, 2016 (November 29 with early access), is no exception. This year, BioWare raised the bar on excitement by offering players the chance to fight to rule the galaxy. StarWars.com spoke to BioWare’s The Old Republic creative director Charles Boyd and senior marketing director DebySue Wolfcale about Knights of the Eternal Throne and came away with six reasons to get very excited — along with some concept art and an exclusive screenshot!
    1. Fear not, newbies and returning players! The expansion is a great time for new and lapsed players to join the game. There will be all sorts of promotional material to catch you up in the storyline, including the debut of a new cinematic trailer today (see above). “We try very hard to design it that way,” explains Charles Boyd. “You can jump into the new story line at level 65 and be ready to play.”
    2. Long-term fans and professional gamers, you’ll be busy. In Knights of the Eternal Throne, you can look forward to expanded gameplay with the new Galactic Command feature available to subscribers, which will allow for “very cool” combat gameplay challenges that can be played alone or with friends. These include erupting battles known as uprisings and other types of action-packed battles; progress here will grant command rank and powerful rewards. The decisions players make while engaged in Galactic Command will ultimately impact the balance of the light vs. dark side of the Force across the galaxy. “As a Star Wars fan, it’s so great,” says Boyd. He should know — he’s a long time Star Wars aficionado and has been on the The Old Republic team from the beginning as a writer for the Trooper’s storyline. He adds that there will be fun multiplayer aspects and hard challenges for seasoned players.
    New for the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, subscribers can play in three different modes in any chapter or combat mission. In Story mode, you’ll feel the wrenching emotions of the consequences of your life or death decisions. In Veteran mode, you’ll face challenges that force you to use tactical skills in combat. At Master level, you’ll be challenged to assert your dominance over your enemies. You can play alone, feeling the fight viscerally or with others in adrenalin packed large-scale battles. What kind of ruler will you be?

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