Swtor2credits free 500M swtor credits giveaway is coming on Dec.13

Swtor2credits free 500M swtor credits giveaway is coming on Dec.13

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  1. Last month I wrote here on Kotaku that 2016 would be a crucial year for the game. Having played since launch in 2011, I felt that Knights of the Fallen Empire was a big step forward. Even so, devoted players like me were skeptical about this episodic scheme Bioware is enacting to continue the story of the expansion. The narrative set-up was solid: a previously unknown Eternal Empire is flexing its muscles against both the Republic and Sith Empire. But it was clearly a subscriber retention gambit. See, the Knights of the Fallen Empire and subsequent episodes are for subscribers only, and when you subscribe you get every episode already released. So you can pay $15 every month to get the episodes as they’re released, or you can wait until August and get the full package by paying $15 once. If you subscribe throughout, you get an extra chapter revolving around HK-55.

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    Being well aware of the economics of the situation, hardcore players have become antsy in the three-month content drought between the expansion and this first episode. Bioware had to start this off right if they wanted to satisfy folks who have been looking for an excuse to unsubscribe. Chapter X needed to be great.

    But it’s not. Judging by what we got this week with Chapter X, they were right to be worried.

    When the main story of Knights of the Fallen Empire left off in November players’ characters had established a resistance of sorts against the Eternal Empire that is made up on veterans from both the Sith Empire and Republic. In the interval we recruited new allies in the form of old companion characters from the various class stories. We took down some “Star Fortresses” that were subjugating a number of worlds.

    Chapter X, awkwardly, is just another recruitment mission. This time we’re going after Kaliyo Djannis, a companion for the Imperial Agent class who had been operating as a violent anarchist on Zakuul, seat of the Eternal Empire, and…that’s the whole plot. Fly to Zakuul, meet up with Kaliyo, help her with a thing she’s trying to do, go home. It’s not a bad story being told here, but it’s also not a good package all together.
    But at least we do know at least the next couple chapters will have more stuff, in the form of additional recruitment missions and a PvE arena called the Eternal Championship with Chapter Xi and a new PvP warzone with Chapter XII in April. It’s hard to know right now if having those extras will provide a meaningful boost, though almost certainly both PvE and PvP players will be irritated that resources are being devoted toward types of content they don’t care about. But that can’t be helped.

    I’m not gonna sit here and claim I have faith that episodic storytelling in SWTOR is somehow going to turn out to be a good idea given the evidence at hand. Right now it feels like Bioware and EA took the wrong path. They’ve got a lot of work to do to prove me and an increasingly restless fanbase wrong.

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