Swtor2credits free swtor credits Promo: Swtor GC & Rules changes to CXP

Swtor2credits free swtor credits Promo: Swtor GC & Rules changes to CXP

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  1. Swtor Galactic Command has been controversial since launch. Finally Bioware clarified that the changes to gearing in Galactic Command will be finalized on December 15. Meanwhile, the team has confirmed that, it is intended that players can gain 20 CXP from successfully throwing a snowball in 2016 Life Day Event.

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    Upcoming changes to gearing in Swtor Galactic Command

    Recently, players have come up with feedbacks on Command Crates, Command XP, and Galactic Command, which has come into Bioware’s notice. For example:

    1. There needs to be a way to work towards a specific slot of gear to fill in gaps (especially set bonuses) for people who are unlucky with Command Crates.

    2. Gearing your other characters is too grindy.

    Bioware is improving the system. It is heard that some important changes plans to be put in 5.1 coming next month to address the above issue. Besides, everyone can see the finalized plan on December 15. Stay tuned!

    Throwing a snowball successfully may reward you 20 CXP in Life Day

    Swtor 2016 Life Day starts already and will end on January 10. Currently, players who gain a parcel from throwing a snowball in the Life Day event can earn 20 Command Experience Points. Bioware has confirmed that it is intended as a bonus to participate in this event. Certainly, not all players throwing a snowball successful can gain a parcel. Thus, it has more fun than simply partaking in in-game activities to gain CXP.

    But in order to avoid players abuse this using bots, the official team stated that botting and macroing of any kind is against the Terms of Service. If an account is found to be using either, appropriate action will be taken up to and including account closure.

    Changes to gearing in Galactic Command are coming soon, and 2016 Life Day event hits in the game. If you need some in these new contents, you can buy Swtor Credits safe from our site.

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