Tex Wasabis Review

Tex Wasabis Review

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  1. A review of Tex Wasabi’s Restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA.

    My first thoughts were … a Sushi and BBQ combination restaurant, really?  Would this really be good?  I like Guy Fieri but was this really well thought out?  After we parked and were walking around downtown Santa Rosa to the restaurant all of the other alternatives for lunch were looking better and better.  I have to admit I didn’t think this would turn out as good as it did.

    Overall review:  We enjoyed the lunch we had here and would recommend this.  It is not inexpensive and I’m sure the experience will vary depending on your situation.  The service was good for us.

    Menu:  The menu was very expansive and had so many options.  Almost too much.  (Full menu below)

    What makes Tex Wasabi’s unique?  I think it is really 3 things:

    • The sushi and bbq combo
    • The gringo sushi.  I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and this was something different and it was surprisingly pretty good
    • Being owned by a celebrity chef from the food network

    Ambiance:  It had a good vibe.  It was different the combination of the sushi bar along with the other décor.  They play live music on certain days.

    What we had:

    1 HOT TEA


    1 HOT TEA










    1 3 SLYDERS




     Everything we had was very good.  The Gringo Sushi (kemosabe roll) stood out.  The triple t sandwich was huge and very good.  Garlic Fries were solid.  We enjoyed Guy’s BBQ sauce as well on this.  Slyders were decent for us but nothing to write home about.  Gumbo soup was good as well but didn’t stand out.  Peach cobbler was decent.

    Tex Wasabi’s Locations
    515 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
    (707) 544-8399

    2243 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

    (916) 927-8399

    Tex Wasabi’s Hours

    Santa Rosa Location

    Mon-Fri 11:30am-11pm (bar until 1am)
    Sat 11am-11pm (bar until 1am)
    Sun 11am-10pm

    Sacramento Location

    Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm
    Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

    Tex Wasabi’s Menu when we went


    Pork Slyders, 3 – $9.95, 6 – $19.00, 9 – $26.00

    Pulled pork tossed with Guy’s Signature BBQ sauce & slaw on Hawaiian rolls.

    "Eddie’s Mommy" Edamame $4.95

    Lightly boiled & blanched then tossed in sea salt..

    "Off Da’ Hook" Calamari $10.95

    Some of the best calamari you’ll ever try! Lightly breaded & seasoned, fried tender. Served with a sweet Thai chili sauce.

    West Coast Wings $10.95

    One-pound of wings & drumettes tossed in Guy’s special jalapeno sauce. Served with bleu-sabi and celery.

    Cabo Fish Tacos $7.45

    Three corn tortillas filed with marinated grilled cod, topped with shredded green cabbage & pico de gallo, then drizzled with cilantro lime aioli.

    Char Sui Ribs $8.45

    Crisped pork ribs tossed in char sui sauce.

    Chipotle BBW Pork Soft Tacos $7.45

    Crisped pork ribs tossed in char sui sauce.

    Buttermilk Fried Pickles $5.95

    Buttermilk marinated dill pickles hand tossed in seasoned flour then fried until golden brown and crispy. Served with house made ranch dressing.

    Garden of Good and Evil Lettuce Cups $10.95

    Korean style thinly shaved pork, white rice & lettuce cups. Accompanied by chili vinegar, miso sauce, chili sauce, shaved garlic & thinly sliced jalapenos.

    Pot Stickers $7.95

    House-made dumplings of pork & vegetables, pan-fried & served with a lemongrass dipping sauce.

    Garlic Fries $5.95

    Natural cut fries tossed with chopped garlic, Parmesan cheese, seasoned salt & chopped parsley.


    Killer Egg Rolls $7.95

    Made in house daily! Not pre-processed, never frozen, just fresh. Marinated chicken, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, ginger, onion & garlic. Flash fried and served with a sweet Thai chili sauce.

    Rockin’ Lava Shrimp $10.95

    Crispy shrimp tossed in a chipotle-honey-lime sauce and topped with pineapple salsa & chili threads.

    Rojo Onion Rings $6.95

    Sriracha battered, then tossed in panko breadcrumbs & fried until they are golden brown. Slightly spicy & served with a cool ranch dressing.

    Shishito Peppers $6.95

    Japanese peppers blistered in a hot pan, tossed with salt, pepper & chili flakes. Finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. Heat will vary, but generally a mild pepper. "We don’t grow ’em. We just cook ’em!"

    Shrimp Spring Rolls $6.45

    Rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, ebi, green cabbage, mint, and cilantro all rolled in tapioca rice paper & served with a soy-lemongrass & peanut sauce.

    Szechuan Green Beans $6.95

    Fresh green beans, fried, tossed in our house made Szechuan sauce & topped with peanuts.

    PBR Pig Stix $6.95

    House smoked bologna stuffed with garlic & jalapeno, battered with Pabst Blue Ribbon & fried, on a bed of natural cut fries. Served with Carolina BBQ dipping sauce.

    Vegas Fries $5.95

    Extra crispy, natural cut fries tossed in our Buffalo sauce, served with a side of bleu-sabi. A throw-back to Guy’s UNLV day’s.

    Sashimi Won Tacos $10.95

    Wonton taco shells stuffed wiht sashimi grade ahi and our pineapple salsa. Drizzled with sweet soy, wasabi cream &

    Gringo Sushi

    Big Bird on Fire $6.45

    Tapioca rice paper, sushi rice, blackened chicken breast & natural cut fries. Garnished with sweet chili sauce.

    Hidden Chicken $7.25

    Tapioca rice paper, sushi rice, thin slices of teriyaki chicken, avocado, tangerine, crushed wontons & iceberg lettuce. Served with teriyaki dipping sauce.

    Jackass Roll $7.45

    Tapioca rice paper, sushi rice, avocado, BBQ pork, natural cut fries, & a garlic chili mayo sauce.

    Kemosabe Roll $6.75

    Tapioca rice paper, sushi rice,BBQ tri tip, natural cut fries, crispy onions, & a garlic chili mayo sauce.

    Maki Sushi

    California Crunchy $8.95

    Toasted sesame seeds, avocado, cucumber, kanikama dipped in a tempura batter & flash fried. Garnished with a drizzle of eel sauce.

    California Roll $6.95

    Toasted sesame seeds, avocado, cucumber, kanikama.

    Dark Side of the Moon $16.95

    Omar’s Special! An inside out roll with smoked salmon, unagi, soft shell crab, kanikama & green onion. A very hearty roll!

    Emily’s Roll $12.95

    A reverse roll with tempura shrimp, kanikama crab salad, avocado & cucumber. Rolled in tobiko & topped with smoked salmon.

    Hog Tied King $11.95

    Salmon, bacon, cream cheese, sriracha, green onions, and crispy onions. Flash fried & garnished with a drizzle of eel sauce & sweet Thai chili sauce.

    Johnny Garlic’s Roll $7.95

    Albacore mix, avocado, cucumber stick & sprouts, rolled in masago.

    Rainbow Roll $13.95

    Kanikama, avocado & cucumber rolled in white sesame seeds. Topped with ebi, sake, maguro, avocado & a thin strip of nori.

    Red Dragon Roll $12.95

    Spicy Tuna, avocado, cucumber. Inside out roll with crunchy tempura bits, maguro & black sesame seeds.

    Rodeo Dragon Roll $13.95

    Tempura shrimp inside out roll with avocado, cucumber, BBQ eel riding on top, black sesame seeds & eel sauce

    Spicy Tuna Crunchy Roll $8.95

    Spicy maguro & cilantro rolled in sushi rich & nori, dipped in tempura & flash fried.

    Spicy Tuna Roll $6.95

    Spicy tuna, daikon sprouts, spicy mayo, cucumber & avocado.

    Spyderman Roll $11.95

    Tempura soft shell crab, white sesame seeds, gobo root, avocado, daikon sprouts & eel sauce.

    Tootsie Roll $6.95

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chili powder. Dipped in tempura batter & flash fried. Garnished with eel sauce.

    White Dragon $13.95

    Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, gobo root, furikaki. Topped with ebi, avocado, orange tobiko & garnished with mojito sauce and hot chili oil.

    Wok-N-Roll $7.95

    Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, rolled in crunchy tempura bits, black sesame seeds & garnished with eel sauce.


    Maguro $7.50

    Hamachi $6.50

    Sake $6.50

    Ebi $6.50

    Unagi $7.25


    Tokyo Cobb Salad $13.95

    Tempura Shrimp, egg, avocado, chopped bacon, diced roma tomato & bleu cheese crumbles. Tossed with house-made bleu-sabi dressing.

    House Salad $6.95

    Daikon sprouts, diced tomatoes, green onions, croutons & parmesan cheese mixed with romaine & iceberg. Tossed with choice of dressing.

    Hidden Chicken / Crunching Salad $11.95

    Grilled teriyaki checken breast rested on a mound of lettuce, red bell peppers, tangerines, crispy rice noodles & Asian vinaigrette.

    JG Caesar Salad $9.95 Add Chicken + $3.00

    An award winning SO-CO favorite. Crisp romaine hearts, parmesan cheese & croutons tossed with house-made Caesar dressing.

    Poke Salad $11.95

    A delicious marinated seaweed salad tossed in sriracha & sesame oil dressing with maguro & tako.

    Sunomono Salad $4.95

    Fresh sliced cucumbers lightly marinated in our house-made amazu dressing & topped with kanikama & furikake.


    Smoked Chicken Bayou Gumbo $7.95

    House made with Andouille sausage, chicken, red & green bell peppers, okra, onions, celery & golden roux.

    Miso $5.25

    A traditional bonito stock soup with white mido, firm tofu & wakame seaweed.

    Udon Noodle Bowl $10.95

    Udon noodles in kombu tempura broth with seasonal vegetables & grilled teriyake chicken breast.


    Served With Natural Cut Fries.

    Oyster Po-Boy $13.95

    Fresh oysters dusted in seasoned cornmeal flour & fried. Served on a french roll and dressed in true New Orleans Style.

    Red Rocker Chicken Sandwich $11.95

    Grilled breast on a pretzel roll with jack cheese, red pepper relish & fried jalapenos. Made for our brother Sammy Hagar.

    Tokyo 5-0 $12.95

    Grilled teriyaki chicken breast, topped with jack cheese, waka waka cabbage & pineapple salsa. Served on a brioche roll with crispy wonton.

    The Big Dipper $13.95

    Half pound smoked tri-tip, pepper jack cheese, roasted garlic horseradish aioli. Side of Au Jus.

    Half-Pound Texas Tri-Tip $13.95

    Smoked tri-tip topped with melted jack cheese, grilled red onions & chopped shishito peppers. Served on a toasted French roll, smeared with a roasted garlic aioli. Side of BBQ sauce, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and dill pickles.

    California Gobbler $12.95

    Buttermilk brined smoked turkey, avocado, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onions, crisp bacon & cilantro lime aioli. Served on a French roll.


    Served With Natural Cut Fries.

    Guy’s Big Bite Burger $13.95

    Half pound American Kobe beef patty, topped with BBQ sauce, rojo onion ring, cheddar cheese, crisp bacon & slaw on a pretzel bun.

    Teriyaki Burger $12.95

    Half pound American Kobe beef patty,house brewed teriyaki sauce & pineapple salsa. Served with mayo, tomato & green leaf lettuce.

    Cowboy Kicker Burger $13.95

    Half pound American Kobe beef patty, topped with BBQ sauce, rojo onion ring,

    House Smoked BBQ

    House smoked in our wood-fired rotisserie smoker for up to 14 hours. Mopped with Guy’s Signature BBQ sauce and served fresh daily. Get in early… before we run out. Served with two sides.

    Chicken $15.95

    Half chicken dry-rubbed, basted & house smoked.

    Carolina Pulled Pork Platter $16.95

    Over a half-pound of marinated, dry-rubbed, hickory & cherry wood house-smoked pork. Basted on the plate.

    St. Louis Style Ribs, Half Rack – $18.95, Full Rack – $25.95

    Tender pork ribs dry-rubbed & glazed.

    BBQ & Sushi Combo $19.95

    Quarter pound of pulled pork & quarter rack of ribs. Choice of California or Jackass Roll.

    BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo $20.95

    Half rack of ribs with a quarter chicken.

    Santa Maria Tri-Tip Platter $17.95

    Over half a pound of thick sliced, dry-rubbed & house smoked tri-tip.


    Cajun Catfish $18.95

    Blackened catfish filet stuffed with shrimp. Stir-fry vegetables & white rice.

    Eye of Rib Steak $25.95

    Tender, flavorful steak cut from the eye of the rib! Szechuan seasoned green beans & brown rice.

    Seared Ahi $21.95

    Sesame crusted Ahi seared rare & topped with a drizzle of cilantro lime aioli, stir fry vegetables & white rice.

    Teriyaki Chicken Breasts $15.95

    Marinated, charbroiled double breast, topped with pineapple salsa, stir-fry vegetables & white rice.

    Mi So Honey Cod $18.95

    Miso & honey brushed cod, Szechuan green beans and brown rice.

    Hong Kong Noodles $14.95

    Marinated chicken sauteed with onion, red bell pepper, carrots, celery & a hoisin broth. Topped with shiitake mushrooms, mung beans & snap peas. Served on a bed of cripty noodles.

    Tangerine Beef $16.95

    This slices of tri-tip sauteed with shishito peppers & tangerine sauce. Served with a bed of brown rice & grilled baby bok choy.




    Chicken Tempura $7.95

    Chicken breast strips, red onion, potatoes, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli & carrots dipped in tempura batter & fried until golden brown. Served with white rice & daikon-ginger dipping sauce.

    Shrimp Tempura $17.95

    Fresh shrimp, red onion, potatoes, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli & carrots dipped in tempura batter & fried until golden brown. Served with which rice & daikon-ginger dipping sauce.

    Vegetable Tempura $14.95

    Red onion, potatoes, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli & carrots dipped in tempura batter & fried until golden brown. Served with white rice & daikon-ginger dipping sauce.


    Baked Beans$3.50          Cole Slaw $3.50                     Macaroni & Cheese $4.50

    Potato Salad$3.50          Stir-Fry Vegetables $3.50       Organic Brown Rice $4.50


    Peach Cobbler $7.25

    Homemade peach cobbler is baked with a rich brown sugar & walnut topping until golden brown. Served hot with vanilla ice cream.

    Brownie $6.95

    House-made double thick brownie heated & topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream finished with a rich chocolate sauce & whipped cream.

    Texas Mud Pie $7.50

    Oreo cookie crumbs, mocha ice cream. Topped with fudge & toasted almonds. It’s a BIG one!!

    Red Velvet Cake $6.95

    Traditional southern recipe.

    Bread Pudding $6.25

    Made in-house with Texas Toast, white chocolate madadamia nut cookies & custard. Topped with a Jack Daniels vanilla sauce.

    Carrot Cake $6.95

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