Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts

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  1. Thanksgiving is a time for family and loved ones to get together over a nice meal and give thanks for the good things they have going for them. Most households would have some kind of decorations for this holiday like any other holiday. Some would prefer to buy thier decorations and some would prefer to make thier own. Both ways are a good way to decorate your home though with making your own you can spend time with family while making them and have the satifaction of knowing you took time to make something to make your house look nice.

    A good activity for both adults and children to do together are Turkey Chair Covers. This is a fairly easy craft that will let adults and children alike explore thier imaginations. First you need to create the slip cover by draping felt over the back of the chair you want to cover and pin the felt together so the cover can slide on and off easily then glue or sew it together where you pinned it. If you decide to sew it  makes sure you do so inside out. Then using the templates from the website that has been provided cut out the parts of the turkey and spray the back with repositionable glue and arrange them on the cover the way you want them then slip the cover back on for a fun decoration that can also double as game to keep children busy while dinner is getting ready.

    Another fun craft for the children are Sweet Turkey Treats a fun thing to do for either dessert or just for fun. All you need for this craft is Oreo cookies (Double stuffed or store brand chocoate sandwich cookies work best), Candy corn, Whoppers, royal icing either home made or the pre made tubes both work fine. Start by twisting one side off one of the cookies and lay the side with the creamy center  frosting side up on your work surface. Using the icing as glue place a whopper on the front of the cookie half  then use a whole cookie for the tail place it on the back if the cookie doesn’t stand up well use more royal icing to stand it up straight. After you have the cookie tail so it won’t fall start placing the candy corn into the top of the cookie into the creamy center between the two cookies. Four of them should be enough for each turkey. If desired you can use a toothpick to paint a face on your turkey with the royal icing.

    Wheither you buy decorations or make them yourself decorations make  the home feeling more festive. The key to making your homemade crafts look store bought is to take your time and don’t rush the process. Either way will let you show that you took the time and care to make your home look nice for the occasion. I hope this article was useful to you and incurages  you to decorate you home for Thanksgiving.

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