The Atomic

The Atomic

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  1. I spent an unforgettable week in Jamaica several years ago when I was single, somewhat reckless and prone to heavy if occasional use of intoxicants, which is why I have forgotten much of what I did on that unforgettable week. I remember drinking at Rick’s Café in Negril and cliff diving (no, I did not plunge from the cliff myself; I didn’t drink that much), I remember jet-skiing in a bay near Negril and parasailing in the same vicinity. Other than that, much of what occurred I remember through a dense haze that is at least partially attributable to this drink, the Atomic.

    The bar tender at Hedonism II swore that he invented this drink, and I have no reason to disbelieve him. In fact, after downing about a dozen of them, I believed everything he told me, even the bit about how an alien network of spies owned and operated Hedonism Resorts for nefarious reasons involving slow world domination through human addiction to pleasure.

    This simple drink is similar in appearance to the Orgasm, the B-52 and the Duck Fart, though distinctive and unique. You’ll find it sweet, creamy and unsuspectingly potent, though for the proper layered effect you must build it with great care.

    Here’s what you do:

    • Fill a shot glass 1/3 with Tia Maria (Jamaican coffee liqueur)
    • Carefully layer 1/3 of the glass with Rum Cream, pouring slowly over an inverted spoon
    • Gingerly add 1/3 glass of Appleton’s Golden Rum on top, pouring slowly over inverted spoon

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