The Hangover Part II – Sequel Or Remake?

The Hangover Part II – Sequel Or Remake?

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  1. There is no question that The Hangover was one of the most successful and uproariously funny films of the early 2000s.  Which means there was no question whether Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures would make a sequel or not… of course they would.  As it turns out, though, their sequel plays out more like a remake.  It is essentially the same movie set in a different place.  That’s not entirely bad, though, since the first one was so good.  If it worked the first time, it should work the second time.

    What is it about?

    It is two years after the ‘wolfpack’ lost their buddy, Doug (Justin Bartha), in Vegas during his wild bachelor party.  Now, Stu is about to get married to Lauren (Jamie Chung) in Thailand.  Of course he invites Doug, Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and Phil (Bradley Cooper) but, much to Alan’s dismay, they are also supposed to bring along Lauren’s younger brother, Teddy (Mason Lee).  Stu does not, by any means, want to have a bachelor party, though.  Instead of a bachelor party, they decide to just all go out to have a bonfire on the beach and have a couple beers… and marshmallows.  Doug decided to spend time with his wife instead of joining them.  

    The next morning Alan, Phil, and Stu wake up in a dirty hotel room in Bangkok with Leslie Chow (the Asian gangster from Vegas) who appears to be dead.  They also find a small capuchin monkey that is very smart and probably addicted to cigarettes.  This time they lost Teddy and, like usual, they must figure out what happened the night before and save Teddy before the wedding.

    During their search for Teddy, they encounter dangerous but quiet monks, trasvestite prostitutes, Russian mobsters who want their monkey back, a white gangster involved in a feud with Chow, and more.  They find out that Alan had drugged them with muscle relaxants in the marshmallows, but he really just meant to drug Teddy since he isn’t part of the ‘wolfpack.’  After crazier and crazier things happen, they finally find Teddy, Interpol agents arrest Chow, and they make it back for the wedding… at which Mike Tyson performs.

    Is it any good?

    While it has funny parts, The Hangover Part II substitutes offensive for funny.  Sometimes you will laugh because a scene is funny, and sometimes you will laugh so that you don’t gasp, cry, claw your eyes out, or regurgitate the popcorn you paid too much for.  

    The reason this film may actually be worth watching, though, is because the cast is so great together.  While their characters aren’t as good this time around (Phil is more of a jerk, Alan is childish and petty), they still have wonderful comedic timing with each other and not one of them hogs the spotlight.  They clearly enjoy themselves in the film so we can’t help but enjoy ourselves watching them. 

    If you haven’t seen The Hangover Part II, save yourself some money and emotional scarring (the tranvestite hooker part is not okay) and just re-watch the first one.  It is funnier, more original, and less offensive (hard to believe, I know).  

    Nolan’s Grade:  C

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