The Most Awesome and Controversial “Dancing with the Stars” Contestants Ever

The Most Awesome and Controversial “Dancing with the Stars” Contestants Ever

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  1. Dancing with the Stars seems to pull names out of a hat for their contestants. This upcoming season is no exception. From reality tv stars, to news correspondants, to professional athletes, to famous personalities, Dancing with the Stars never fails to impress us with whom they can get to squeeze into skimpy dance outfits and flaunt what they’ve got in front of all of America.

    This upcoming season will test the limits of NBA superstar Ron Artest, reality tv princess Kristin Cavalleri, USA goalie Hope Solo, actor David Arquette, Rob Kardashian, and former sodier and motivational speaker J.R. Martinez to name a few from this season. These aren’t even nearly the most shocking of the 2011 cast.

    Dancing with the Stars is never shy to controversy. We will recap the most awesomely controversial Dancing with the Stars cast members to date.

    • Bristol Palin – Daughter of 2008 vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, Bristol somehow made it extremely far in the competition. She wore "the most modest" of the costumes, but her dancing was more horrendous than her outfits. How she made it so far will be more of a mystery than her "unexpected" pregnancy back in 2008.
    • Steve-O – Jackass alum Steve-O made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars quickly after becoming sober. Steve-O was an infamous addict to a variety of substances, so this was one of the first appearances of "Sober Steve-O" that the public would see. On the show, he suffered back and muscle spasms and was elminated in the sixth week of competition.
    • David Hasselhoff – Does this even need to be explained? Hasselhoff is well known for his drinking, and appearances in those infamous YouTube videos with cheeseburgers. He was the first couple to be eliminated.
    • Kirstie Alley – This "Fat Actress" made waves on Dancing with the Stars. Many people actually tuned in in order to see her perform and her waistline dwindle. However, on one of the episodes, she took a tumble and took her partner down with her. Now that’s quality primetime tv!

    Controversial up-and-commers:

    On the next season of Dancing with the Stars we are most looking forward to Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono. Nancy Grace is known for being outspoken, but can she stand up to all of her witty banter on the dance floor?

    Chaz Bono is the son of Sonny and Cher (formerly known as Chastity Bono), who recently went through a gender transformation. He is the first transgendered dancer to be on dancing with the stars and is paired with Lacey Schwimmer. He already has created a lot of waves in the media and with social groups, but hopefully his dance moves can prove them all wrong. Everybody loves an underdog!

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