​The New Continent Zeah Will Bring New Quests and New Bosses and runescape free gold

​The New Continent Zeah Will Bring New Quests and New Bosses and runescape free gold

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  1. Zeah was talked about quite a bit since the Old School team put this topic on the schedule in the RuneFest 2016 post. They decided to deliver Zeah in 3 phases, and the first phase will arrive in January next year.?Zeah definitely will bring a lot of new contents to the game. It is wise for you to buy rs 07 gold cheap on RSorder to make early preparation for the new continent. RSorder offers you plenty of cheap RS 2007 gold for all players.

    Zeah will bring new quests to the game

    There are five houses in the Great Kourend, and these houses require help after the king is dead. This is quite similar to many quest lines in OSRS, so it is likely that Zeah will have quests or quest point requirements. These houses need the help of players who is best in skill levels and quest points. Chances are there are quests will come with Zeah, so get cheap Runescape 2007 gold ready for the coming quests.

    Zeah will offer new bosses to players

    Players need to focus on a volcano found in Raids when it comes to the second phase. One will be able to venture out into the bloodlands to take on new slayer bosses and seek new rewards. This volcano has some incredibly challenging foes to throw at players, and players can get some fitting rewards by fighting with them. Raids will come to Old School in June 2016.

    Large PvP will be available on Zeah

    The third phase of Zeah will come with the Colosseum. The Colosseum will offer big scale large PvP. Players will be able to take part in enormous battles with many other players. PvM will also be a factor with unlockable monsters that you can bring into the Colosseum to spice up the fight. The Colosseum will be released in January 2017.

    Players are all excited about the coming of the new continent. The coming of Zeah will bring a massive amount of new content to the game in the form of exploration, bosses, quests, skilling areas, etc! And it seems that players can’t wait to explore the new area in old-school. However, it is very necessary to enhance your in-game character before the release of the Zeah. So hurry up to buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder.

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