​The Property of Silicon Steel Grade Magnesium Oxide​

​The Property of Silicon Steel Grade Magnesium Oxide​

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  1.    Firstly, the magnesium oxide is used as high temperature annealing separate agent in making silicon steel sheet. At the same time, it has the effect of vitreous body insulating coating with silicon, and can remove the impurities in silicon steel during high-temperature reaction. However, not all kinds of magnesium    www.magnesiumking.com/   oxide can meet the requirement to making silicon steel. This kind of magnesium oxide should has special property. At present, as a magnesium oxide manufacturer, let talk about these special property include:

       (1) It has a chemical purity, and can prevent harmful effect to magnesium silicate coat from high temperature.

       (2) It must have a good suspension property in water. During silicon steel sheet making process, we usually choose to mix magnesium oxide and water. In order to prevent coating process from magnesium oxide’s deposition, it must guarantee magnesium oxide’s good suspension property in water.

       (3) It must have a low efficiency of hydration. The hydration rate of magnesium oxide means: At a certain temperature and a certain time, hydration rate is the percentage of magnesium hydroxide generated by magnesium oxide. After coating magnesium oxide, the silicon steel sheet will be strip into coiled steel and putted into bell furnace to anneal. When annealing, it should drain water at first. The more percentage of magnesium hydroxide, the longer time to drain water. On the other hand, too much water will easy to generate iron oxides with iron. It definitely impacts the form of magnesium silicate coating. Therefore, the hydration rate of magnesium oxide is an important index to measure silicon steel grade magnesium oxide.

       (4) The magnesium oxide must have a certain activity. The magnesium oxide with high activity reacts with silicon rich oxide to form magnesium silicate vitreous body. However, the exceedingly high activity will promote magnesium oxide’s hydration rate. It is bad for generating magnesium silicate coating. Therefore, as magnesium oxide suppliers, we should think about magnesium oxide’s activity.

       (5) After magnesium oxide coating on silicon steel sheet, it won’t come away from silicon steel sheet even strong vibration and friction. The silicon steel grade magnesium oxide is mainly used in cut off high temperature and the insulating coating agent. In addition, it can be used in high-end fine ceramics and special polishing agent. As the heavy magnesium oxide, it can be used in pharmacy, aerospace industry and electronic industry.

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