The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos

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  1. My son just turned two and it was like a wave hit us! All of a sudden, he went from being my always happy, smiling, and giggling little boy, to my now always screaming and crying baby.

    And while I’ll admit that being a single parent, I certainly was not in any way, prepared for the dreaded, “terrible twos”. Mainly because he handled teething so well, it ws like it never happened and getting him to let his pacifier go, was so easy. He just stopped wanting his paci one day and decided that he didn’t need it anymore. So of course, I’m thinking I have it ever so easy, with a few bumps in the road, here and there.

    But that wasn’t the case. Being a first time mother, I didn’t really know how to handle a baby of my own, per say. I helped my mother out a lot with my autistic brother and was like his second mother. So I knew how to take care of babies and older kids(seeing how my brother is almost 11 and I do still help out every now and then). But having a baby that was mine…My own, I won’t lie, it was a little scary. But not to where I didn’t think I couldn’t do it. I had my doubts, but it was only because I suffered from mild to severe depressed in my first trimester. But deep down, I always knew I could do it.

    So I thought I had everything under my belt(at least until the age of 10) and I did, until my son turned two. My brother never went through the terrible twos, so I had no idea what that was like -insert laugh-

    And while it’s still really early and while I do get frustrated a lot of the times at myself for not knowing what to exactly to do, I do know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and even through all the screaming and tantrums, I enjoy every minute that my son is smiling, laughing, and just being a fun joyous kid.

    And while I still don’t know what the future holds, in the sense of what to expect from a toddler who is going through the terrible twos, I do know that my son is making me a better parent and when my future kids go through the terrible twos, I will be prepared.

    I love being a parent and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. He is the greatest gift God can and has ever given me.

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