1.  A working writer is someone who persists in his craft when his family tells him to ”go out
    and get a real job” or when they threaten kick him out of the house or have him locked up for not
    doing so. One should yake every responsibility they possibly can, but always try to make time for
    writing a few hours during the day. And most in his hometown might think he will never amount to
    anything. Of course, most of those same people never amount to anything either.

     A working writer persists with every genre, medium, or format he can. Even if some ex-history
    teacher in Kansas tells him that writing a full length novel, sticking to only one genre, or
    writing a series will allegedly make more money. In fact Amazon Kindle will be gaining 50% of the
    publishing market within a year and a half from now. They are also bringing about the slow and
    gradual return to a short story dominated market. The type of market where one will have to write in
    any genre possible.

     A working writer does not let anything stop him from getting in his way, even from someone who is
    going to college so he can ”learn” to be a writer and acts like a know it all. A true writer who
    works at his craft juggles family life and other responsibilities with trying to earn every
    penny or dime he can from his writing. As opposed to going to college and convincing himself that
    ”wants” to be a writer, and never getting paid a single cent for it in his entire life.

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