The most common mistakes that project managers make

The most common mistakes that project managers make

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  1. Studies reveal that most project managers make the same mistake over and over. They do not have the right staff working on the project, they don’t assess the risks that could endanger their projects, and do not follow the standard project management processes. The list of mistakes is indeed endless.

    Given below are some of the most common mistakes to help you identify where your projects are going wrong and the steps that you can take to improve the same.

    Not deploying the right staff with the right skills
    Project staffing is critical to project success. But improperly allocating the resources is one of the most common project management mistakes. In order to get the project successfully accomplished, it is important to get the right people with the right skills. It is important to carry a thorough skill assessment of all the resources available. Try synchronize projects and people as best as you can. Figure out who will be assigned to each project and ensure there is a fair allocation of talent across projects.

    Not adhering to standard project management process
    This is another very common project management mistake. Following the proper project management process means you can tackle the projects efficiently and can look into the various activities involved in the execution of the project. It is important to establish and follow a clear cut project management process for planning, scheduling, allocating resources, communicating with the people and stakeholders, and evaluating the project.

    Not having up-to-date data about the project
    Most of the times, project managers fail to keep track on the status of their projects. Since they are so busy handling several projects at one time, they forget to get up-to-date data about the projects. This results in project failure because unless you are able to measure something, you can’t manage it. In order to make changes in the project to ensure its successful completion, you have to follow it closely. It is important to request change in scope so as to meet budget and timeline.

    Ignoring problems
    Problems do not solve on their own. If you ignore them, they grow big and ultimately affect the cost and effectiveness of the project. A successful project manager is one who is able to identify the problems and fix them too.

    Ineffective communication
    When team members don’t know what needs to be done when, it becomes difficult to complete the project on time. It is the duty of the project manager to ensure that all the resources who are working on a project know their individual roles. They must be aware of the project deadlines and deliverables. There should be constant communication across the various levels and groups to ensure that the project moves without any hindrance.

    The above mistakes can be avoided by having project management consultants Canada for your project. Project management consultants are experienced and have the necessary skill to complete the project on time and within the budget.

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