The reason for Swtor Galactic Command Can Be Legacy-Wide Again with swtor credits for sale

The reason for Swtor Galactic Command Can Be Legacy-Wide Again with swtor credits for sale

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  1. SWTOR Galactic Command system has made players frustrated for a long time. In SWTOR Update 5.1, Bioware finally brought some changes to Galactic Command gearing. But they are useless to the essence. Recently, some players suggest to make this system legacy-wide. Here are some reasons why Galactic Command system cannot be legacy-bound.

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    Someone suggests to streamline Swtor Galactic Commend system so that it can be acceptable. It reads that players should be able to level up their way to 300 on alts after unlocking it at level 70. Thus, players don’t need to grind on each maxed character.

    Reasons why Galactic Commend system cannot be legacy-wide

    Making Galactic Command system be legacy-wide may make swtor retain and gain more players. but the following things should be that Bioware doesn’t allow in game:

    1. As a subscriber, you will unsubscribe after grinding your GC to 300 and gaining equipment for all alts, because there is almost nothing you can do as subscriber after that. If GC is Legacy-bound, this will happen a lot faster, and Bioware will lose money.

    2. By making it legacy wide, the game would be about content, and less about gearing. But the current system mainly focuses on gearing, and this galactic command gearing system is the endgame in swtor.

    Adding new content is the only way to make Swtor popular

    There is no doubt that Bioware hopes the Galactic Commend keep people subscribed, but no one will want to do the grind a second or third time when most of players already have dozens of alts. So just grinding would definitely decrease the number of subscription.

    The more content they produce, the more players stay and the longer-lasting the game is. It is not hard to see that the number of subscribers rose again when KOTFE launched. But upon the coming of KOTET, it went down. Obviously, the extra chapters in KOTFE are appealing for players.

    It is not the essence whether Swtor Galactic Commend should be legacy-wide or not. If Bioware wants this game to live longer, it is necessary to richen the content. But with no doubt, Swtor 5.1 makes this game more playable than before. Swtor2credits has cheap swtor credits for sale, and you will be served with the fastest delivery!

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