The reasons why neverwinter astral diamonds Not Paying Out?

The reasons why neverwinter astral diamonds Not Paying Out?

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  1. Currently, some players have wondered why Astral Diamonds Neverwinter stop paying out to them. The Rewards of Devotion works normally, but why is the amount of rough astral diamonds in the inventory still shown as 0? The fact is that there is no rough astral diamonds from invoking anymore, but a bonus rough AD.

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    Players can’t earn rough astral diamonds anymore from invoking

    Last Tuesday, a change took place in Neverwinter. Invocation would give a bonus to rough astral diamond salvaging since then, instead of actual diamonds. That means, players will not be able to get rough astral diamonds Neverwinter anymore from invoking. Instead, they will get a bonus to the amount of rough astral diamonds they can refine. And a indicator beside his character portrait can tell players how much of a bonus pool they have left.
    Frankly, all these methods to earn rough astral diamonds will no longer work, including Leadership, Professions, Salvage Changes, Gateway, and Invoking.

    How to get Astral diamonds with the new system?

    In the past, people can get rough Astral Diamonds directly from invoking. However, currently you can only get “bonus rough AD”. That means, you will no longer get any AD from invoking, but earn by running dungeons, salvaging gear and doing daily & weekly quests. but as you invoke, it causes a bonus pool which will grant you more Astral Diamonds Neverwinter than before.
    It’s actually more per character now. If you time your rotations and run Cloak Tower twice, Throne twice, and Salvage twice on your characters you can make 15% ore AD on the new system. Certainly, it’s a real pain doing this on more than 6 characters every day.

    There is no reason not to vote for the new system.

    Many players feel very satisfied with the new Astral Diamond system. Someone said, “I ran my weekly in sharandar the other night, and instead of getting the usual 4500 AD, i got something like 6750 AD due to the bonuses from invoking. The nice thing is that the bonuses don’t disappear until used.”
    And another said that “I actually really like the new system, awards more astrals and srops people from being able to farm currency without playing. I play regularly, but not a lot, and I’ve been able to earn more rough ad through salvage and dungeons on one character than I have had bonus for on all. So there’s no reason not to like the route they took to improve this.”

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