The release of an update for neverwinter xbox one cheap astral diamonds September 24

The release of an update for neverwinter xbox one cheap astral diamonds September 24

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  1. New update for the Russian version of the MMORPG neverwinter xbox one cheap astral diamonds Skill “Fire Spirit” (Warlock-torturer) now correctly calculates weapon damage.

    Astral diamonds for completing dungeons credited automatically after killing the last boss. Thus also fixes an issue where in the caves was granted partial amount of diamonds.

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    Print triumph is no longer issued for the siege of the fortress. They are still available daily for the first victory in the games of domination and Gontlgrima. Cost Signs authorities Wonderland Bazaar was reduced from 25,000 to 6,000 astral diamonds.

    In order to improve the magical stones for weapons and armor above level 10 instead of more familiar authorities are now required excellent. At the dragon attack on an enemy guild siege of flames enveloping a valid indicator of the account.

    The tables are now displayed PvP rank 4 items that you can get the award after the match, and the scroll function is available for viewing. Full list of changes update for Neverwinter can be found in the special theme.

    More September 15, the Russian version of MMORPG Neverwinter appeared PvP siege mode. Players have already managed to build a large number of catapults, to capture a plurality of supply bases, to break a bunch of enemy structures and repeatedly bribed Kerasinaksa dragon.

    That is why today, 26 September, at 20:00 Moscow time will stream in which Garro with the community managers of the game will take place on Heroic dungeons, as well as to study the aforementioned fortress.

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