Three Easily Obtainable Items in rs gold to Make You Glamorous

Three Easily Obtainable Items in rs gold to Make You Glamorous

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  1. Each RS player should be not strange to rs gold Treasure Hunter and Tuska, as well as Solomon’s Store. And you should also know that something special happens there. Put free Shatterstorm Wand and “The Outrageous” title aside at first. Just the Death Lotus training in TH and Tuska’s lifeless corpse can make you thrilled and beneficial.

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    The Shatterstorm Wand and the Outrageous title free for sale

    In the past, players have to pay an amount of RuneCoins for the Shatterstorm Wand and “The Outrageous” title from Solomon’s Store. Actually, they are not that cheap, and only the Shatterstorm Wand for members costs over 130 RuneCoins. To get enough RuneCoins, we have to exchange cheap rs gold buying from RSorder to bonds and then make a purchase in Solomon’s. It is such a time and money consuming thing. But In this August, things have changed already and these two items have been picked up for free. Have you claimed them already?

    Death Lotus Training goes live and the outfit is coming to TH

    You must know that completing the Death Lotus Scroll will grant you Cosmetic Death Lotus Assassin outfit, cash bags, a Meditation rest animation token and more other rare prizes. At present, the Death Lotus Assassin outfit has been finished and will be coming to Treasure Hunter soon.
    Back to Death Lotus Training, it is one-week event from today to August 19. You have to open TH to get Death Lotus Scroll at first. The scroll shows 4×4 grid of feats increasing in difficulty on each row, from killing 10 enemies with throwing knives to defeating Araxxir, Nex or KK. Besides, TH will give task-completing stamps to help fill scroll. If you have no keys for Treasure Hunter, you had better buy some from RS 3 TH promos. Similarly, if you are eager for cheap runescape gold, you had better purchase or snap up some from RSorder flash sale.

    Tuska’s lifeless corpse as HQ for the godless is confirmed

    A Jagex mod has announced that Tuska’s lifeless corpse as HQ for the godless is confirmed. The body of a god is a pretty cool base for a godless faction, after all. It seems that it has a giant backdoor to another world entirely so that they can be able escape safely. Knowing the HQ for the godless will be helpful for you in future battle.

    Tuska’s lifeless corpse for the godless is on work now. But don’t mop. Cheer up! At least you can find help from RSorder to buy rs gold. Now, up to 10% off is ongoing on RSorder for cheap runescape gold buying. Additionally, paying by Alipay on that site will also give you extra 5% off. Good luck for you!


    RS 3 Minigame hot sale at

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    Constructor’s gloves
    Varrock Museum Kudos
    Constructor’s garb
    Constructor’s hat
    Desert Slayer Bosses
    Expert Dragon Archer
    Ogre Dragon Archer
    Ogre Expert
    Clue Scroll (elite) – Treasure Finding
    Golden mining top


    Hot rs 3 equipment and weapons you may like:

    Torva platelegs
    Third-age amulet
    Elysian spirit shield
    Infinity robes set
    Ranger boots and Robin hood hat
    Zamorakian spear
    Dragonstone helm
    Virtus book
    Off-hand drygore rapier
    Armadyl chestplate and Armadyl chainskirt and Amulet of fury and RS Gold 20M


    Various rs 3 quest:

    World Wakes, The
    While Guthix Sleeps
    Void Stares Back, The
    The Brink of Extinction
    Ritual of the Mahjarrat
    Recipe for disaster
    Plague’s End
    Nomad’s Requiem
    My Arm’s Big Adventure
    Lunar Diplomacy
    King’s Ransom
    Garden of Tranquility

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