Three Reasons that Make Sailing Be One of the Best Updates in runescape 2007 gold

Three Reasons that Make Sailing Be One of the Best Updates in runescape 2007 gold

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  1. Since sailing was confirmed for runescape 2007 gold, it was regarded as one of the best updates and most popular ideas to train skill. So what are the reasons that make players crazy about this unreleased update that even has not any specific content description? Follow RSorder now to search out the attractive factors on sailing.


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    Offers contents to all players of all levels

    Sailing is a skill that can be trained both solo and with teams. Besides, Ronan just confirmed on his twitter that training sailing solo can also allow you to achieve the maximum EXP rates. Thus, even if you don’t have any friend to team up, you can fight against the challenges alone to get top achievements. What’s more, it allows all players of all levels and account builds to join in. Thus, the relative low level players needn’t worry being refused. Of course, high level means a higher possibility to dominate a stronger position. In this case, cheap 2007 rs gold on RSorder will help you to level up more quickly.

    Brings new contents to PVM, and to PVP

    Sailing is based around navigating the seas of runescape. With the sailing update, players can venture out to sea to perform all manner of activities. They can build a ship and update it to be powerful, control their boats via their navigation map, explore new areas and access a massive amount of new content. They can go fishing, freighting, salvaging, exploring, join the navy, or even take up a life of piracy!
    Besides, it offers expansions for skilling, PvM and PvP to benefit all players. It won’t discriminate pures and skillers either. No other skill comes close! You will have to gather resources and battle monsters to get through the area and continue on. Then there will be a pvp option which is away from the skill in general but will add a new aspect to pvp etc.

    Offers diverse training methods & helps train other skills

    It is not a coincidence that slayer is one of the most popular skills, neither dungeoneering in RS3. Rather than the repeated grinding, sailing will offer diverse ways to train. You can train this skill and gain xp by building ship, navigating, and exploring. Each method here has its own benefits and drawbacks compared to the others. Some give more exp but lesser rewards, and some vice versa. What’s true, though, is none of them are the same each time round!
    What’s more, sailing is not just a skill, but an entirely new mechanic for other skills such as crafting, construction, smithing, etc, which is a decisive feature that makes sailing a skill rather than minigames. A good way to describe sailing is “reverse dungeoneering”. Dungeoneering is a case where you train other skills to train dungeoneering better. However, sailing is the case that you train sailing to make training other skills better. Thus, it is in fact an assistive skill, which won’t be trained specifically, but trained as a by-product of other activities.

    New dev blog is supposed to be posted this week to show specifics of sailing plan. Will the developers convince the community by sending some potential decisions? Stay tuned and don’t miss RSorder 19th Flash Sale for runescape 2007 gold will come on August 17, as well as 4 RS07 fire capes giveaways!


    This Week Update Will Separate Sailing as Skill from Minigames in RS07

    What factors sign that Sailing is a mini game?

    What decisive features make sailing different from minigames?

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