Time to Prepare cheap BNS Gold for Shadows of Innocents Landing on July 20

Time to Prepare cheap BNS Gold for Shadows of Innocents Landing on July 20

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  1. According to NCSOFT, Shadows of Innocents will be available for you on July 20, 2016, which will bring you access to Act 5 and 6 to kill Jinsoyun as well as explore 3 new Hero Dungeons. Time is limited, and have you enhanced your weapons and equipments yet? Safewow is devoted to provide cheap BNS gold to ensure you a smooth journey in Blade and Soul.

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    Three new heroic dungeons in Shadows of Innocents:

    Shattered Masts: you should fight across the wreckage of Blackram ships that have been infiltrated by demons and decimated by Dark Chi. This dungeon offers a new challengeable content as well as an upgrade material needed for Legendary weapon stages 4–6.
    Gloomdross Incursion: what you need do is working with Blackram Marauders to retrieve the fragment. Then you will be able to receive the valuable rewards. Meanwhile, Gloomdross Incursion also drops powerful new Soul Shields.
    Twisted Grimhorn Wilds: this dungeon offers plenty of dailies for you to complete. You will have chances to join in protecting key areas, etc. If you behave well, the Twisted Soul Shield set, along with those from Gloomdross Incursion and Zawei Ruins, is your rewards as a result.

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    As the above description, it isn’t easy to gain the appealing rewards of each dungeon. You should behave well in new heroic dungeons so that you can seize the opportunity to win some rewards. Apart from fighting with the enemies bravely, stock Blade and Soul gold for sale is also necessary because it can help you enhance your weapons and equipments. Therefore, you will be well equipped in the battle and defeat your enemies efficiently.

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