Tip for Blade & Soul New Dungeons and safewow blade and soul gold summer sale

Tip for Blade & Soul New Dungeons and safewow blade and soul gold summer sale

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  1. Here is a guide on Blade and Soul new heroic dungeon’s Pirate Ship of Silence. Hopefully the guide will be helpful.

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    Normal Attack Mode

    The boss’ attack order sometimes varies due to changes in the battlefield. Therefore during the battle, please use left situation adaptable please swing left and right waving, hands stretched back then below remake (can be parried) → hands clinging to his after the rotation (can be parried) → cannon in front of the mouth (on resistance) → swing left and right → waving his hands clinging to his post-rotation addition. It may be interspersed in the attack mode in a move with one hand stays in action, see this Please Main Tank resistance movement immediately, otherwise he will throw you out.

    Team Assignment

    1. A player will parry skill blocks the collision

    2. A Main Tank holds the position after collision

    3. A double stun is responsible for recovery after the collision

    4. A class with remote resistance skill (Force Master’s Divine Veil, Summoner’s Petal Storm, Assassin’s Lotus of Escape, etc.)

    Boss play after opening the general attack mode to 90%, the screen will display a prompt BOSS turbidity this skill

    At this time boss will move towards the four corners of the court in which a throw turbidity, immediately threw him to move in the direction

    In this case, the court will be covered with black turbidity, only BOSS corner threw in that direction there will be a security zone

    If turbidity stepped body will have the effect of turbidity, turbidity effects of poisoning effect, will be deducted from the blood over time

    Sometimes the team output is too high, it will skip the original cast directly into the flow of the% of total flow (output too fast today assume an opening to press to fast 80%, BOSS will skip hop turbidity single stage, direct access mode spikes). Yet another fast output is the case when the resistance groups spikes triple jump skills CD too late. Players can be assigned at the beginning of the first open BOSS triple jump when he first requested not to enter the security zone in the region of turbidity after the first jump back blocks security area, in order to facilitate group insurance skills CD replies. Also it makes the output too fast skeletal spines explosion BOSS skip this part, so beat too fast team turbidity effect is likely the body would have been no way to eliminate the higher the stack. Suggestions can stop there to get him into the last skeleton thorn explosion clears turbidity effects in the body before 40%. It throws the ball when there will be smashed to damage spells can advance to the designated SS resist damage and reset Dragoncall and Wingstorm’s CD.

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