Tips about neverwinter Trickster Rogue High DPS Master Infiltrator Executioner PVE

Tips about neverwinter Trickster Rogue High DPS Master Infiltrator Executioner PVE

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  1. Neverwinter Trickster Rogue is very fun to play in Neverwinter Online, and TR also can do high DPS in the PVE, but PVE rogues are undervalued and underestimated, so it very easy to dropped from the groups, why people do not believe Trickster Rogue can do high damage. OK, here is a Neverwinter TR Master Infiltrator Executioner PVE build and guide with high DPS you can.

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    Race: Human (extra 3 heroic feats) / Dragonborn / Half Orc.

    Ability Scores: Strength always (damage), Dexterity (critical chance) and Charisma (combat advantage bonus).

    Stats: The offensive stats you want to build up is armor pen (to resistance ignored is 60%) > critical chance (80% minimum to around 90% endgame) > Power. Armor pen is important to 60% because 60% is the highest resistance any monster has in PVE. After that, it’s as useless as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

    The defensive stats you want to work on is life steal (to about 20%)> hit points > defense> deflect. Life steal is our main defensive stat. Many of our attacks hit multiple times which give us a better chance to proc life steal. It won’t help you if you are killed in one shot, but when your soul forged enchantment pops you back up, you’ll heal back up fast. Hit points are the best way to head off death in PVE.

    As TRs have super long cool downs, trying to stack recovery is great as well. It’s doubly important for executioners because it takes a bit for us to recover from our burst damage before we can do it again. And, you really really want to do it again as fast as possible.


    Focus on flat % damage increase and power increase. Note: If you aren’t human I’d suggest putting only 3 points in Action Advantage and 2 in Scoundrel Training.
    For Gears, BIS, if no BIS also can do a lot of damage with this build, but you need a vorpal weapon enchantment because that extra 50% crit severity is huge. The armor enchantment you can choose a soul forged enchantment, that hat keeps you alive if you make a mistake and get one shot killed, or if your tank loses agro and you suddenly become the target. For weapon, twisted weapons is the best for this module.

    For artifacts: Sigil of the Controller (power and crit), Orcus Wand Shard (for the set bonus), Heart of the Blue Dragon (Crit, Recovery, and Combat Advantage) and Wheel of Elements (my active set for the 30% damage bonus). If you need more Armor Penetration, swap out the Heart of the Blue Dragon for the Lantern of Revelation (Crit, Arm Pen, and Combat Advantage).
    Last, for Mount, Boons, Companions,damage calculation, and more about Trickster Rougue, check Lilia Drakon’s TR Executioner PVE Build, it is very good works in the game.

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