Tips on How to Get Coalescence Wards and even Thrones with neverwinter zen cheap on sale

Tips on How to Get Coalescence Wards and even Thrones with neverwinter zen cheap on sale

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  1. Hello, all Neverwinter players. It is been confirmed that you can get coalescence wards and even thrones. And all renown from boxes is worth 100 each. Are you excited towards it? In order to help you advance through the game and get the most out of the game, Safewow, the best website to buy cheapest Neverwinter Astral Diamonds 2016, gives you some tips on how to get it.

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    1. Stay in the circle the entire time while you are farming boxes.
    When you are fighting in the circle, it increases the chance of getting a box. So stay in the circle the entire time. If you step out while you are fighting, it is more likely that you get a token.

    2. When merchants stop cowering and you aren’t in the circle, you won’t get prizes.
    Remember that when the merchant stops cowering and you are not fighting in the circle, you won’t get a prize. Actually if you don’t have the merchant protection buff at the time when the rewards are given out, you won’t get the reward. And the rewards are given out right around the time when the merchant stops cowering.

    3. If you are in a group, be sure to only active one scroll at a time.
    Be sure to only active one scroll at a time if you are in a group. All active scrolls will be consumed after about 50 boxes. The drop rate for the scroll is less for some reason.

    4. The amount of Stronghold Vouchers is the biggest concern.
    The biggest thing would be the amount of Stronghold Vouchers, including Gems, Fey, Dark, Frozen and labor. A normal run for a voucher, killing stronghold enemy usually gets you 75 points per drop about every 20-30 minutes. The first can pick it up. So if everyone gets 400+ points every 15 minutes, it is a huge advantage.

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