Tips to Get into Heroic Cenarius Raids & Complete It Quickly in WOW

Tips to Get into Heroic Cenarius Raids & Complete It Quickly in WOW

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  1. Recently, Heroic Cenarius has drawn lots of attention among wow players, especially healers. Many people now keep the higher ilvl gear in the bag , and instead equip lower ilvl gear into the fight. But it don’t mean that you will definitely success by following suit. Here is a guide how to get done Heroic Cenarius raid quickly in WOW.

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    How to get into Heroic Cenarius raid in WOW?

    Obviously, healers are popular in Cenarius, for healing is the most complex and challenging role in Mythic so far. Being a healer and having a decent ilvl will win a bigger chance to be invited for you. Certainly, getting the raid done with other players will award you rewarding loot.
    having a decent ilvl doesn’t mean that you have to equip the highest ilvl gear for the fight. In fact, many people equip the lower ilvl gear for the fight and keep the higher one in the bag, because item level overall is not that important in legion. Some items with lower item level result in more damage, like feral, while the stats of the higher item level equipment may be not good for the spec.

    How to get Heroic Cenarius done efficiently then?

    Getting into Heroic Cenarius doesn’t mean that you are good at the fight. Here are some clues that the fight mechanics are with Ahead of the curve.
    1. Stack on the sprouting tree you want to empower. It doesn’t matter if you mess it up, it’ll empower the add across the room anyway.
    2. Avoid brambles which will find you eventually.
    3. Reset your stacks in the green grass. There won’t be any green grass though.
    4. Heal through all of the avoidable damage everyone is taking, including yourself.
    5. Admire your 450k hps.
    6. Split dps on adds because the more dragon aoe ticks you get, the better your healers rank.
    7. Push phase 2 immediately after a set of adds spawn.
    8. Let your stacks get to 40+ with plenty of places to cleanse.
    9. Stand on top of grass so your stacks reset at 1 and deplete the grass within seconds.

    May those tips are helpful for you in Heroic Cenarius raid. Surely, this raid is not that easy as imagined. You had better stock up cheap safe wow gold for a rainy day!

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