Tips to Help New Players that Begins World of Warcraft for Lady Liadrin

Tips to Help New Players that Begins World of Warcraft for Lady Liadrin

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  1. As now people can get Lady Liadrin by hitting level 20 in World of Warcraft, we could expect to see lots of new players join in WOW but don’t know what they’re doing right now. Here safewow collects some tips from enthusiastic players and hope that can help new players to have a basic understanding of wow.

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    To understand the story of wow

    It should be the first main difficulty for new players to understand the overall story of WoW when they begin the game. The suggestion is that you can pick a race that you think looks or sounds cool. You will have a taste for the race and their unique struggles in the first few quests you get. Then, check out the WoW wiki to look up your race after you have played it for a couple levels and learn about its history, racial leaders, current problems, etc. The overall story of WoW is pretty complicated because there is so much lore, but overall it’s pretty simple: there are two factions in Azeroth (Alliance and Horde) that fight among themselves a lot to protect their houses and families, but the REAL threat to everyone is a giant inter-dimensional demon army bent on destroying Azeroth called The Burning Legion.

    The first thing to do when you login

    If you don’t know what to begin when login World of Warcraft for the first time, Safewow suggests that you go back out of the character creation screen and select a different realm to play on. The game is currently funneling people into a few servers tagged “New Players”, which is contributing to the heavy bottlenecking on certain quest mobs. If these players just pick a different realm that isn’t tagged “New Players” they shouldn’t be as likely to run into these issues.

    When you are on the way to level up

    When you reach a certain level, let’s say, level 10, you can go to the Westfall and find a board in the middle of Trade District that will grant quests based on your level, such as the Hero’s Call: Westfall quest. Then, walk out of Stormwind and follow the signs to the west to get some of the main quests. You’ll find flight paths at the pumpkin patch, Sentinel Hill, and Moonbrook. These are also quest hub areas. When you reach level 15, go pick up the Hero’s Call quest for Redridge.
    You’ll find lots of quests in Lakeshire and you’ll also be able to queue up for some dungeons. You will get some quests at the start of each dungeon to complete and some bosses to kill. The enemies there are harder to kill, so you’ll learn a bit about working with a tank/healer and playing with a group. The bosses drop better than average loot too.

    In fact, there is a ton of fun in WOW, interesting story, great quests, etc. If you continue past level 20, the next destination we suggest should be to go to The Badlands (level 44 – 48) for some of the most enjoyable questing. Welcome anyone from hearthstone going for your Lady Liadrin character, and if you need cheap wow gold, just come to Safewow!

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