Tips to Kill Botters Players in Safe Zones and Make cheap deadman mode gold

Tips to Kill Botters Players in Safe Zones and Make cheap deadman mode gold

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  1. Guys, have you noticed that pickpocketting botters at Ardougne increased rapidly in these days? You see, this is a great place for players to level up hitpoints of the account. If you want to make deadman gold for sale or enhance your character, you can always choose to kill botters or other players in safe zones. If you have never tried this, you can follow our tips to gain RS 07 Deadman gold and kill botters in safe zones. If you need RS Deadman gold, you can always visit RSorder to help you. RSorder has plenty of cheap RS Deadman gold fro safe.

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    Enhance your character to 50 attack and strength

    In order to make sure you can kill botters and players in safe zones, you should ensure to level up your account with at least 50 attack and strength as well as minimum 7 prayer. Also you should give this account pots and strammy as well as gmaul. If you are in need of RS Deadman gold to help you level up your account or buy these weapons, you can buy cheapest RS Deadman gold on RSorder.

    Get keys and gain RS Deadman gold

    It is impossible to get the key from bots in safe zones after the changes to kills in safe zones. You leave your gmauler in lumbridge, and you take a level 3 account and die to your gmauler 5 times, depositing a single mind rune in the bank for each death, leaving your gmauler with 5 bank keys. The bank of the bot instead drops to the ground with these 5 keys, and this allows you to get their coins. That is to say, you will gain a decent amount of RS 2007 Deadman gold in this method. It is worth to point out that this methods help you gain a lot of Deadman gold, if you need Deadman gold, never hesitate to buy RS Deadman gold cheap on RSorder.

    If you want to make RS Deadman gold fast in Deadman mode, you can always useful method to help you. Also you can buy cheapest RS Deadman gold on RSorder. New Year is coming, and there are many promotional activities will be available on RSorder. Currently, you can get up to 25% discount code on RSorder and free RS 2007 gold for sale on Dec. 30, you should mark the time and buy cheapest RS Deadman gold and free RS 2007 gold on RSorder.

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