Titanic: The facts

Titanic: The facts

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  1. The Titanic is perhaps the most well known maritime disasters in all of history. A disaster the ship was. However, it is a disaster which seems to be romanticized. It is an ocean liner which captures our imaginations. And possibly our hearts. Here are some facts about the RMS Titanic. 

    There are some interesting things which happened to the Titanic before she set sail and as she was just setting sail. These things were seen as superstitions, bad omens. Which came true.

    These superstitions and bad omens included things such as; a cat leaving the Titanic with her kittens on one of the Titanic’s ports. No christening of the ship. As the Titanic was making her way away from one of the ports to go to sea, after picking up passengers, she almost hit another ship. And, a fire started on board the Titanic before she set sail on her Maiden Voyage. This fire started on board the Titanic before she set sail, if not all of it. 

    Her first and only journey started on the 10th of April 1912, at Southhampton Port. Four days later, on the night of the 14th of April, 1912, Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. Killing most of the passengers on board. Many theories have been put forward as to why the ship hit an iceberg and sank. There is one theory which is likely though. The theory most likely is the theory that the ship hit an iceberg and sank though incompetence and neglect.

    Titanic had received many ice berg warnings, especially throughout the 14th of April, 1912. However, the crew and the captain, Captain Smith ignored those warnings and continued to speed. The ship was speeding for much of its journey. Whether or not Titanic could have avoided collision with the iceberg on that night is debatable. But, if it was traveling at a slower speed perhaps the ship would have avoided collision. Or, kept the ship afloat longer, until all passengers could be saved. 

    It could be suggested that if Titanic stopped for the night on the 14th, like the nearby Californian, then, the history of the Titanic might be very different. 

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