Todays Spirit Guide

Todays Spirit Guide

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  1. This is coming from my podcast called “Music from the Goddess’ Vault” if you want to listen to it, you might have to copy and past this website: Sometimes I will give the 90 second versions that are on the podcast, sometimes I won’t.

    She’s the Irish goddess of healing, music, poetry, prophecy and smithcraft. She protects women during childbirth and she has dominion over wisdom, education, and learning. Brigid is also associated with sacred fires and holy wells.

    Let’s not forget that Brigid is the daughter of the Dagda, which makes her a member of the Tuatha De Danaan. Legends say that she was born with flames coming out of the top of her head.

    She is a master shapeshifter and may appear in Maiden, Mother, or Crone form.

    Brigid is also the mother of invention. She made the very first whistle to help keep women safe from being raped.

    What can you offer Brigid to Worship her?

    You can offer her Blackberries, works of creative inspiration, eggs, ale, coins, you can light candles in her honor, and a cake may be places outside your window on Imbolc.


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