Top 10 Gaming Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Gaming Apps for iPhone

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  1. As of today, April 21, 2011, there are 374,373 apps available for download to the iPhone. Of the 374,373 apps 55,450 (14.81%) are active game apps. Below you will find a Top 10 breakdown of gaming apps for the iPhone, including both free and paid apps. You will also find the 2010 Best App Ever Award Winners for the gaming category.

    Top 10 Paid iPhone Gaming Apps:

    1. Angry Birds Rio ($.99) – Pairs the original characters and physics-based game play with twists based on the film.

    2. Tiny Wings ($.99) – You control a tiny bird who is learning to fly by using the landscape to launch himself into flight.

    3. Angry Birds ($.99) – A physics-based game where you launch birds via a slingshot at various objects trying to kill the piggies that are housed inside.

    4. Fruit Ninja ($.99) – Swipe your finger across the screen to slash and splatter different fruits.

    5. Words With Friends ($2.99) – A scrabble based word games that you can play with friends or randomly selected opponents

    6. Cut the Rope ($.99) – A puzzle game where the monster must eat candy and collect golden stars to advance levels.

    7. Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage ($.99) – App based on hit YouTube series where you can fling various characters trying to improve your speed and points earned. 

    8. Angry Birds Seasons ($.99) – Original Angry Birds app with a Valentines and a Saint Patricks Day update.

    9. Doodle Jump ($.99) – Single or Multi-Player app where you guide "Doodle" through various levels using tilt control.

    10. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz ($.99) – Puzzle game where you try to clear the screen in the shortest amount of time by match up 3 or more jewels.

    Top 10 Free iPhone Gaming Apps:

    1. The Impossible Test – A timed interactive swipe, tilt, drag, shake and tap game. 

    2. Angry Birds Rio Free – Same as the paid app, but you only get six levels instead of 60.

    3. Pickin’ Stix Classic – An iPhone version of the classic game PickUp Sticks.

    4. Archer’s Quest – A bow shooting game with over 25 leves.

    5. Atari’s Greatest Hits – An app with 100 classic Atari games.

    6. Blaster Tank – A six level game where your tank tries to destroy the evil government.

    7. Words With Friends Free – Same as the paid app, but it includes advertisements.

    8. ClubWorld – A real-time simulation game where you can own your own nightclub.

    9. Chicks – You must guide the lost chicks through an alternate universe and back to the meadow before the portal closes.

    10. Rotate Rush – Rotating shapes that you must fit through oncoming objects.


    2010 Best App Ever Awards

    Most Innovative Game – Angry Birds

    Best Game Graphics – Real Racing 2

    Best Game Control – Angry Birds

    Best Multiplayer Game – Fruit Ninja

    Best Casual Game – Angry Birds

    Best Action Game – Trucks and Skulls

    Best Arcade Game – Angry Birds

    Best Family Game – Angry Birds

    Best MMO Game – Pocket Legends

    Best Retro Game – Commodore 64

    Best Puzzle Game – Cut the Rope

    Best Racing Game – Real Racing 2

    Best Strategy Game – Plants vs. Zombies

    Best Word Game – Words With Friends

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