Top 5 Nail Trends to Overtake Fashion in 2017

Top 5 Nail Trends to Overtake Fashion in 2017

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  1. A woman’s most treasured asset is her beauty and sense of fashion. Most women are affected by numerous beauty trends. They are always after something different, something new and something trendy. Just like shoes, clothing, and hair, nails should not be neglected. They are an important part in completing her looks and sense of style. Nails set a woman’s mood more often hence they should not be neglected whatsoever. There are many pretty, stylish, sleek, cool and charming nail trends that women should adopt to complete their style in 2017.

    1. White nails
    This is one of the easiest and trendy style to be adopted in 2017 nail trends. White solid nails are gorgeous and very cool when applied by a professional. One should be very careful with the choice of dressing when adopting this nail design.

    It produces fine results when adorned with nice color blocked outfits. When worn with a wrong patterned attire, the nail shape gives an awkward look such as that of nails painted with whiteout. This nail trend has been spotted with models and nail artist in such occasions as the Mulberry runway. The style can be alternated with nude nails to achieve that brilliant look.

    2. Semi-bare nails with splashes of color
    This is a unique, trendy and very sleek nail trend to be adopted in 2017 nail trends. The manicurist adorns the nails with a splash of nail polish. The nail trend has been spotted with many models in many shows such as the Emilio de La Morena where the models had a splash sweep of baby pink nail polish applied the nail halfway.

    Such nail polish application keeps the trend stylish and simple. The trend can also be elaborated by adding a touch of color by applying one or two squares of royal blue polish at the top or bottom of the nail.

    3. Dimensional appliques
    Many nail artists have opted to take this charming, stylish, unique and trendy nail design into 2017. It is sleek and completely irresistible to adopt. Our nails grow not only in length but also in thickness. The 3-dimensional appliqués style is most suitable for women with thick nails. It is trendy but not suitable for everyone. However, if one’s profession permits this trend, then it should be adopted.

    The style can be worn in different designs such as pink, fuzz, and jewel.  This design was spotted with models at the Libertine and man shows.

    4. Bedazzled nails
    This design is one of those charming, exuberant and gorgeous nail trends that will overtake fashion come 2017. The style is simple, and when applied with a lot of perfection, it produces brilliant results. The secret behind this style is using strong nail glue and a precise jewel application.

    The style can be elaborated by painting monochromatic shades topped with two to three jewels at the center. To make the style more appealing, a golden jewel can be camouflaged by gold applied all over. Such style was spotted with models at Philipp Plein show.

    5. Nude nails
    Nude nail polish has been used for quite some time. Traditionally, this polish was paired with a dash of white French tips to create a more striking effect. The style creates a warm and cool effect since it is girlish, sleek, and charming. It’s absolutely among the top nail trends that will overtake fashion in 2017 due to its unique healthy and natural effect.

    This style has been spotted with many models in many shows such Alexander Wang, and at Tanya Taylor whose choice of nude nails had a sweet twist of diagonal sweeps of mint, fuchsia and orange applied at the tips.

    Nails come in different shapes such as rounded, oval, almond, and squared oval. Regardless of the shape, the good thing is that they are all in line with the designers’ or the nail trends. The most important factor to consider when selecting any nail trend is observing the common nail designs seen with the models on the runway. The choice of dressing and the nature of events greatly affect the nail design to be adopted. For example, for a date night, a nail design with some glitters adds some spice, bright red nail polish is sexier and most suitable for a day out while a clear nail polish depicts a formal and professional woman. To achieve the current nail trend, always engage a professional and search for the latest designs adopted by many models at the runways.

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