Top 5 SciFi Games for Android Phones

Top 5 SciFi Games for Android Phones

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  1. Google Play offers hundreds of games and apps for Android phones including a large selection of Sci-Fi titles. The five best Sci-Fi games capture the essence of the genre while providing great hand held game play.

    Death Worm

    In Death Worm players control a monstrous worm and instead of saving Earth, you get to destroy it. Control the worm using your finger as it glides smoothly through multiple levels. The water based worm launches up out of the water to attack tanks, animals and other obstacles as it goes through each level.

    The premium version includes more levels and a boss battle while the free version is a limited demo of the game.

    Dead Space

    Plenty of alien horror movies have been made to please sci-fi fans, but now you can immerse yourself in the world with the game Dead Space. The third person shooter features dark graphics, a creepy atmosphere and smooth controls as you take a solider through multiple levels and villains.

    The praying mantis styled aliens provide a lot of scares when they appear out of nowhere and you can become equipped with multiple weapons to dispose of them before they reach you.

    Angry Birds Space

    The addictive puzzle game has gone out of the universe for the sci-fi inspired Angry Birds Space. Asteroids, gravity and space themes have transformed the game into a whole experience that still includes the original game concepts that made the other versions so popular.


    Classic sci-fi gamers have probably logged hours playing DOOM and the Android phone release will only add to that tally. The DOOM app, also known as Final DOOM, provides players with all of the classic weapons and maps from the sci-fi hit. Explore the planet, kill the monsters and upgrade your weapons as you use the game’s smooth controls.

    N.O.V.A. 3

    Graphics have improved tremendously on hand held devices and the proof comes with the sci-fi game N.O.V.A. 3. The loaded game takes up 2 GB of memory, but it is worth it as you play with the rich graphics and gaming experience.

    The first-person space shooter is the third sequel in the N.O.V.A. Series, but you do not need to play the other games to enjoy this one. The gaming is fluid, the weapon choices include flame throwers and the levels have great replay value with a challenging AI.

    All five of these Android games are available in Google Play. Access them through the website or using the Google Play app on your Android phones. Prices vary and change by publisher.

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