Top 5 Singer/ Songwriters that Should be Resurrected via Hologram

Top 5 Singer/ Songwriters that Should be Resurrected via Hologram

  1. At Coachella 2012, during the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre performance, Tupac was resurrected and performed a few songs along with the hip hop legends. Now, it is rumored that Freddie Mercury will return with Queen as an optical illusion during a performance of "We Will Rock You" in London on May 14. Brian May – the band’s guitarist – said that Mercury may not return as a hologram, but nonetheless his spirit will be with the performance.

    So that got me thinking: what would the coolest singers to resurrect from the dead and perform live either solo or with their remaining band members (aside from Tupac and Freddie Mercury, obviously)?

    Number 5 – Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley with his gyrating hips and his soulful ways would definitely be a blast from the past considering the generation that was obsessed with him is still around. He is also a well enough known name that he will resonate with the younger generations.

    Number 4 – Kurt Cobain

    Definitely dying before his time, a Nirvana reunion with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic would definitely fill stadiums. This one would be somewhat eerie simply because Kurt died about two decades ago as opposed to a lot of the other people on this list. Who knows – Courtney Love my try to get her hands on this one and thwart it too.

    Number 3 – Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison was the famous Doors frontman – most people can’t even name the other members of the band. Imagine going to a concert and seeing Jim Morrison performing? Imagine singing "Light My Fire" live with Jim.

    Michael JacksonNumber 2 – Michael Jackson

    Even though good ol’ Jacko hasn’t even been deceased for 10 years, bringing him back via hologram would definitely be something worth seeing. Michael was still a very popular and successful artist when he passed, and he has enough classic hits to keep an audience amused and happy for hours. That famous moonwalk across the stage would just about seem real.

    Number 1 – John Lennon and George Harrison

    With Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still alive, a Beatles reunion with a hologram Lennon and Harrison would be incredibly entertaining and iconic. I’ve seen Paul McCartney live, and that man still has it – he played a three hour set! It would be an amazing concert, and something that you can tell your children about. Almost as good as the real thing…

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