Top 8 Creams Will Give Younger Looking Skin

Top 8 Creams Will Give Younger Looking Skin

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    So many products, so many choices!  So, what do you do when you’re either too intimidated to ask and be clarified how any product might be able to help you obtain healthier, younger-looking skin without delay?  You should turn to the Internet, Google up the product categories you have in mind but, more importantly, learn something more about your skin.

    You, your skin and aging:  The skincare product connection

    Let product marketers keep blabbing.  Though you should lend them one ear, reserve another one for your own conscience.  Get all the facts about skin and what you should do about keeping it from aging, starting with the following basic kernels of wisdom:

    •     Young skin and aging skin behave differently.  That makes it inevitable that the skincare routine and the products that form your regimen should be different.

    •     Young skin is characterized by fully vital and energized skin cells that are able to efficiently produce collagen, among other things, and facilitate a rapid skin cell turnover in reaction to a tear or damage on the skin.  Aging skin gradually loses efficiency and effectiveness in delivering these basic skin renewal and regeneration processes.

    •     Both young and aging skin are impacted by intrinsic and environmental stressors that impact it and how it ages.  Senescence, photoaging and free radical damage, which may be caused by pollution and bodily stress, are the main causes of aging, each feeding each other in a vicious cycle of aging skin.

    •     Over time, skin completely loses its ability to cope with the repairs which wrinkles and other signs of skin aging leave on the skin.  These eventually become visible and become more prominent

    •     Lifestyle choices — chronic lack of rest and sufficient sleep, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor dietary choices, and lack of regular exercise —  all contribute to the rate by which the skin ages.

    The 8 creams you just got to have for beautiful skin

    Every skin is different.  Everyone will have major skin issues that must be addressed more readily over others.  You have to choose your battles — will you need a Nova Derm Eye Cream or an Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Cream?  The 8 creams listed below are based on the typical needs of aging skin.  You may need less or, you may need more depending on your skin conditions and concerns:

    1.  Sunscreen.  There can be no effective anti-aging regimen that does not contain sun protection.  It’s the single biggest challenge to aging skin so that any anti-aging solution begins and ends with it.

    2.  Moisturizing / Age Defense Cream.  Raise the level of UV protection your sunscreen provides by boosting your skin’s antioxidant levels. Specific antioxidants to look for are Vitamins C, B3 and E.

    3.  Anti-aging Eye Cream.  Young skin will not require an eye cream but will need to be moisturized just the same.  Aging skin, on the contrary, requires special care for the uber sensitive eye area.  Anything that’s good for your skin, such as peptides, amino acids, and Vitamin C, all present in every jar of Nova Derm Eye Cream, are great to have for your eyes except make sure to get it from your eye cream in higher concentration.

    4.  Overnight Regenerative Cream.  Facilitate skin cell reactivation by applying a product that reinvigorates your skin while you sleep.  Sign up retinol or tretinoin, peptides, antioxidants, collagen and moisture-enriching hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10 in your regimen.

    5.  Neck and Chest Creams.  Extend the same care you give to your face down to your neck and chest, and even your arms and back of hands.  These areas are notoriously exposed to the sun and are all likely to manifest photoaging fast.  Young skin will probably not need this cream but older skin will.

    6.  Dark Spot Corrector / Skin brightening Cream.  Who does not have a problem with age spots and blemishes?  Get radiant skin with ingredients such as licorice, glutathione and kojic acid.

    7.  BB Cream.  Makeup can do wonders when you know how to keep it sheer and down to something as minimum as a BB cream.  Get your complexion smoothened out without overdoing it.

    8.  Concealer.  To spot correct skin imperfections in an instant, use a concealer to blot out dark spots temporarily and fast.


    To stop being confused and avoid being lured into buying products you don’t really need, keep these basic information about your skin in mind and use it to evaluate your peculiar skin needs.

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